Art: Sci-Fi Combat Armour & other things.....
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    Sci-Fi Combat Armour & other things.....

    Hi there,
    It's my first time posting a thread so stick with me while i figure all this out. Hopefuly it should be fairly self explanatory. Earlier this year i answered an add placed by some film students who wanted some sci-fi combat armour making for their film. I guess its a good place to start so without further ado lets get to it......

    • Super Sculpey maquette
    • First uber detailed helmet i sculpted
    • Second less detailed helmet that i prefered even though it reeks of 40K!! Its what they wanted though.
    • Sculpture of the armoured torso
    • Various views of the finished thing

    The sculpting on the second helmet is alot rougher & not as neat as i only had a day & a half to do it in. It kind of helped towards the finished look though.The helmet & torso were molded in silicone & cast out in fibreglass using alluminium filler powder. Pauldrons were sculpted & added. The original plan was to create an entire suit but time & money were against us. The upper body & helmet & groin armour was then combined with motorcycle body armour, a wind up torch & rubber tubes! I didnt make the gun & it hadnt been painted when i took these photos. As you can see the design evolved along the way. Hopefuly once the filming is completed i'll have some nice production stills to show you but untill then im stuck with the photos i took in the makeshift workshop!
    Hope you like them. If you fancy theres some test footage i shot here:


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