so, um, yea, this is the thread i'll post some sketches up a bit later.

so far im thinking a female orc magic build (maybe a healer?). all buffed up and ugly, but dressed in elegant, flowing, 'elven' clothes. the evil version is in darker, more muted colors and has more angular design.

so we need at least one more character... ideas? maybe go with harsher elements than the orc's...

ive also been thinking about the style. im not sure that realistic rendering is really the way to go. i dont think im all too great at it, and im not sure how well our respective styles would mix. so i was thinking something more design oriented, along the lines of the work of Alphonse Mucha. in other words lots of detail and pattern, with a few fully rendered areas for contrast. it will also make us stand out, which could be a good thing