Welcome to our sketchbook folks. Hope to see it getting filled up soon!

Nick: Here is the text from the challenge page so we don't need to skip back and forth.

______________________Challenge Info__________________________

This will be a one-month contest.
Here's how this is how it's going to run:

-Teams will consist of 2-4 people. How this works is up to you, and how many people you want to work with. You may not play by yourself, you must at least have a partner. If there is a group of 5-6 people that wish to participate together, you may PM me with why you want such a large group and I may let it pass.

If I happen to miss your team in the thread, just send either me or Poshspice a gentle PM and we will correct the error.

* You will get FOUR TO SIX CHARACTERS that your team must design. The characters will have a genre or time period associated with them.
* You will have to work together to come up with an over-all design, theme, genre and time period for the project. You may start on this now. But you will not know the exact characters you have to create until next week.
* If you participated last time, you may choose either to stay with your team or create a new one. If you stay with your team you do not have to stick with the same world/genre/period, but you are free to if you'd like!

__________________________________________________ ________