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Thread: Team Chow II: Ken-Do-Pu-En-Ds

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    Well, Im not going to write much-ive got to get off to work.

    I think things could have been much more streamlined. Having the team spread all over the world and no way of meeting on a messenger to really work out the kinks. Having a more level skill among the team too. I feel bad that I am not quite up to the challenge with my digital work.
    Dwardo-your dedication was very important. It kept me wanting to get back to the forum and my wacom. Though you should always get a good 7 hours of sleep. Dont let silly stuff like this get in the way of your health!
    sepu- I need to get better at the deadlines-thats for sure! Not having a solid process for the digi work has a hicup for me! Like dwardo said- it would be good for you to practice your drawing skills more. You render well, but your work will be stronger with a solid drawing.
    Ambient- I know how busy life is, if you predict it then its a good idea to not get committed to anything. It was a bummer to have you drop out like that-but I am glad we had you covered.
    Vshen-Also-if you will be too busy to commit then pick your battles.I am glad you pulled through though! I dont have any crits on your work-nice texture and designs.

    I am out for a while. I have some serious work to get after. Stop by my sketchbook sometime!

    Thanks everone!
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    Sirkenneth - you are absolutely right good solid traditional drawing study will be much of a help. Sadly I will have to wait little bit until my little one grows up and have more time to do something serious. but it is true. My drawing is very-lazy-counting-on-visuals-lightshow

    what do you say - we can exchange - my familiaryty with tablet (I'm not using mouse to browse web/play games any more) for your familiarity with pencil..

    packing packing. on friday flying to egypt.
    I hope to see You ALL guys on conceptart weekly challenges when I will get internet back (a day, a week, a month?)
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    Guys this was a definite eye opener for me. I don't really have any crits for you guys, I felt that you guys have put a lot of effort in this challenge and you did it in your owns ways.
    My lack of posts is something I definitely want to improve in. I understand everyone is busy, so busy is not really the major factor for me although it does play it's part. I think this being my first team challenge really caught me by surprise.
    I have entered challenges in other forums before but as an 'individual', so I didn't have any major obligations to do certain things. If I don't finish the work then fine it was my fault and I move on.
    I was aware when I entered this challenge that it was going to be done as a team, but my state of mind at the early stages didn't really understand the responsibilities needed for the challenge. I was then lost and was overwhelmed by the sea of replies everyone was giving. I can only blame myself for that.
    I never realized the amount of effort needed for such a challenge until I saw the other entries(I didn't really look at the other threads, I was already lost in our own thread!).
    I was completely stunned about the amount effort done by most people. I am a complete noob with CHOW and COW challenges. There are entries that are completely stunning but what caught me more was the unified feel of some of the team that it felt like it was done by one person.
    So guys I can only say is 'sorry' for the lack of team involvement from me and if we ever get back together for another challenge this is something I definitely want to improve on.
    I am going to enter the weekly CHOW and COW challenges to better aware myself of the quality I need to put out for these challenges.
    I do hope to keep in touch with you guys either on this thread or in other threads.
    Great work from all of you guys.

    Dwardo - Thanks for keeping me aware of everything that is going on specially at the beginning stages because if you didn't I would have dropped out early in the challenge.

    Sirkenneth - I really like your drawing skills, never lose sight of your traditional background in your journey to digital.

    sepu - I really like the imagination that comes out of your head. Keep up the great work. That dwarf witch is such a beautiful piece.

    Ambient - sorry to hear you drop out. Really liked the progress on yourfaun. Hope to see in more challenges.

    Sorry for this long post I felt I had to make it up for the lack of posts from me.
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    This was everyone's first team challenge and like Kenneth and I agree on, we still managed
    a pretty sweet output, as individuals.
    As for our finals, to reach a more co-hesive feel would mean we share it with each other.
    The Howling Loveboys were all working in the same studio, except for Dave (Mr. Delish).
    With 3 timezones, it was never going to happen; Too much waiting on each other.

    As much as possible, the next team I'll look to setup is 2 timezones and no more.

    -Egypt, Nice - Don't forget the socks. Who do I have to marry to get into that country, and how's the surf?

    -I'll try my hand on CHOWS when something grabs my fancy - Got to get used to more genres.
    But after this month, and the last month's Newborn, I'm pooped. I got to re-align my Shakira.

    -7hr sleeps takes me back to 2001. I'm pretty sure I had a mullet.

    -It has been a pleasure. First time jitters are gone so I'll be typing more the next time around.

    & finally
    It's September, time to hybernate like a true Taurean.
    Cheerio Lindsay, Sarah, George, Kenneth and Me.

    Attachment 769009

    Arnie says "Woof woof" which is 'Bye Bye' in Cute slobber.
    Attachment 769010

    Take care everyone
    Yous have my email so contact me through there. Messages need not be funny.
    Like when it was a full moon the other day and I felt like biting RAW meat.
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    I just remembered one thing - Ambientsounds, listen, if You ever gonna try again to kill me please, try to not do it by dancing faun
    when I saw it - I almost fell from my chair and keep laughing so much that my little one joined me (not understanding why mama is laughing but it is fun to laugh with her isn't it? )
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