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    I'm feeling better about the no sci-fi thing, because last night I kept thinking that they might not be cool with that in the mod thread. Besides, I was starting to feel all mushy in the brain area about how some stuff was going to be incorporated... but never mind since it's a mute point now anyways.

    I'm going to start some sketching now, I'm liking some of the thoughts/sketches floating around... And KenSIR I think the Waterhouse is spot on... That would be my usual palette as well, so it seems like at least a few of us are extremely comfortable with that.

    As for the switching thing.... I'm feeling dubious about that, but I can see where you're coming from. I think maybe if we just kept showing each other WIPs when we get to designing, and then do brief paintovers and then let the initial artist decide what to do with it, that we might get things done a little faster? Then again, the thought of switching it up a little bit here and there and working on a different perspective might be refreshing for the whole team. Okay crap, I've just muddled myself into indecision LOL

    As for the races, it said specifically in the rules that we need to have more of a random smattering... So I think that we should pick more than two, or the mods may force us back to the drawing board. And I think a couple of them should definitely be more... stereotypical High Fantasy fodder, such as elves/dwarves? And then have... whatever else we were thinking of, like I was thinking of a Faun, and I keep seeing some cool Minotaur looking critturs in posts in here.

    Anyways. That was my brief two cents, now I'm going to go sketch and wait for the man to come fix my air conditioner *CRIEs* it's literally ninety two degrees in my apartment right now and 90% humidity. blah.

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