Um, me (Rossipoo ) and my friend matt (itsthematthias ) decided to pair up, He's going to play art director and ill be right next to him collaborating ideas. He just joined the forums and doesn't do much art and isn't serious about art at all, but he is the someone i trust a lot as far as ideas goes, So since we're a 2 man team we have to have at least 4 portraits.. which is 2 characters.. but we decided to do 5 characters with a total of 10 portraits. By the way, since matt isn't much active in this forum and i could easily just message him and that would be easier, we won't be doing much collaborating here, we're going to discuss via msn. But i'll just make this thread for finished and a few other stuff. This isn't going to be an interesting/active thread like everyone elses , Just wanted to make a thread since everyone else is doing it! I'll probably upload and post all the wips/inspirations on the last week , laziness is our middle name!

So far the jobs we've decided are.. I would post the msn chat but that would be too long.

Paladin male
Arch Mage female
Rogue/Bandit female
Deciding on Druid
Deciding on the last one alchemist, mage, beast, some sort of ancient goddess?

still collaborating on ideas on the portraits to make them all flow, but uniquely different.

See you in 3 weeks