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    My Final - Newborn

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    Tonic, I think yours is my favorite concept out of all of them. I've always been intrigued by the legend of Yggdrasil and you illustrated it beautifully and mystically. Good luck to everyone! Mine feels so inferior to all these entries haha!

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    Hi, Here is mine .
    The newborn final images thread.

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    here's mine. good luck everyone!
    Fatum Istum Stultorum ~Durandal
    Available for hire!

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    Rmabozo's Newborn

    Hey all,
    Finally made it back to CA ! Great entries.
    Here's my newborn !


    Footnotes :
    The first thing that came to mind with "new born" was, obviously, to paint something pertaining to death right ? So I finally settled on the Einherjar (that would be the "Glorious Dead", the ones whom the Valkyries chose to bring back to Valhall from battlefields).

    On the Rökstenen (in Sweden, predating most similar mythology) it is written that the wolf is "the Valkyrie's mount", and so mine rides a cloud-wolf not a flying-horse.

    The Valkyries are associated with ravens and swans, so you find swan-feathered clothing on mine along with a red-feathered cloak which twines around Yggdrasil and it's branches (the tree of the universe) until it liquefies into blood and trickles down the roots, intertwining as knots around the Norns. They're the ones, Past Present and Future, who blindly weave the lives of all things. So the way I see it the 3 Norns actually determine who will die in battle, and then the Valkyries show up and chose the most valorous of the dead to take to Woden. So they DO chose amongst the slain, but do not chose who GETS slain. Hence the blood/cape tying the Valkyrie to the Norns : the continuity of it all.

    It is said that when the Valkyries ride, the dew appears upon the ground from their passage. I ended up having her armour cling to her body as the cloud/fog rises up and envelopes her.

    Replaced the leaves of Yggdrasil with raven's feathers, just seemed "right" to me.

    The actual Einherjar. Since Valkyries are sent to chose the dead for the afterlife (for their rebirth, and henceforth daily rebirth for that matter), and she's pointing at the viewer, that would make "you" the viewer, the Einherjar, the "newborn".

    Wanted to give it a slight 20s/30s theatre poster feel. Not "like" one exactly but at least have that feel to it, use it as inspiration.

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    The Phoenix

    Hi, this is my post. This is about the phoenix and how at the moment of its death it bursts into flames. Only to be reborn again from its ashes. I chose the phoenix because it has a very dramatic death and rebirth. In this image I wanted to show how with death comes life as well as a new beginning.
    I want to go there and hang out.

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    Everyone's entries look impressive.

    Here is mine.
    Attachment 740594

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    hey guys, these are my entries

    The newborn final images thread.

    The newborn final images thread.

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    When I made my entry, I focused on the human intellect and imagination, and how it has given birth to some of the most creative and terrifying inventions and discoveries. I depicted 4 milestones which dramatically altered the destiny of the human race, in a somewhat surreal framing.

    The advent of the Gutenberg press, the steam locomotive, the invention of the atomic bomb, and the discovery of the gene are what I chose. If you look closely at the pupil in the eye, you will see a fetus, which sort of symbolizes that the nurturing and development of these creations began in the human imagination.
    Last edited by xArchanfelx; August 3rd, 2009 at 10:43 AM. Reason: Wrong pic version oops.
    My Sketchbook
    Just another day in the optimization tank.

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    My Piece

    This is my entry for the contest. Was fun to do and compete against such ridiculous talent. Good luck all.

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    It was fun to have dish this out in two weeks. I became a hermit while at it......
    I like Root Beer

    My Sketchbook


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    "Birth of NHUME" and "Summoning MESSIAH"

    first: "Birth of NHUME"

    ...with exalted, trembling voice:
    "Come, my dear, take rib of my ribs, life of my life, and come to exist... dressed in all my imagination splendor... Don't care about the bleeding... Here where we'll exist, we are immortals... I have infinite life to feed my demons and angels, in a realm large enough for my lust to exist "
    The concept of daring to bring to life your imagination, mmm... what a beautiful feeling surrounds me, the ecstatic feeling of shaping into forms our imagination needs that cry to exist and which are usually strangulated by our mundane man made reality. A reality too small, too poor to exist in like a little slave, while your imagination hungers to be what we are intended to be : Little Gods

    second : "Summoning MESSIAH"

    Searching my deep hidden strings inside to find the reason why my imagination urges me to draw this, i was overwhelmed:
    In this scene i appease my thirst for FREEDOM...
    I needed to bring my personified soul into this world that can very well talk in "its language". An omnipotent Being that fears no one and have the POWER to change things when they need to change (we are usually starring sadly to nowhere in our weakness when injustice is experienced, and the feeling of impotence to shake the very world to its roots, is a common feeling). why did i draw it demonic and fearfully ? Spreading fear is the only one power that rules all the beings on our known world, it is instinctively engraved to fear the more powerful one (in all aspects, old or modern).
    Secondly, this Being must to have the power to destroy the fake "holiness" that enslave "the innocence of becoming", staining the fragile human conscience with guilt and sin (as Nietszche had the courage to cry out)
    In the end, my hero is a human shaped beyond his armor... a sample of human-God that can manifest himself as his infinite imagination desires... And i BELIVE that an infinite imagination, isnt a "demonic" one inside
    This hero, this being is a "newborn" , a new tool in our human paradigm "can i change this wrong oriented world ?... no" (see at least "zeitgeist addentum", "Endgame" movies for the debate if is wrong oriented or not ) . Its a omnipotent "newborn" to change the "unchangeble" world. It is my creation "brought to this world" by my holding creative hands, soothing for a moment the human weakness and poor destiny (for the most ) via imagination .

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    i just saw this thread!
    Adam Schumpert, killer execution man. i had that idea too, it was one of the first ones i had. check out my first page of sketches in my thread, it was one of the ideas i marked out. haha

    anyway, my concept was black market babies.
    i wanted to keep my concept as realistic as possible because i figured everyone else would go the more "fantastical" route.
    so i came up with black market babies.
    originally i wanted to do a visual pun and have the baby scribbled out. black mark-it baby, get it? haha, but i couldn't make it look good in the final painting, it ended up looking like the woman had just given birth to a tribble or a critter. so i went without it.
    In the end i think it looked a LOT better with just empty hands. I posed the hands in such a way that they could be holding a baby, or they could be making the gesture of "i dunno where your baby went"

    in my thread i posted thumbnails, value studies, sketches, and progress screen grabs of my painting:

    My final entry:
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