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    C.O.W. #151 Venomous, Pale Blue, Obese Egg-Layer -- VOTING

    C.O.W. #151 Venomous, Pale Blue, Obese Egg-Layer -- VOTING!!



    Topic: Venomous, Pale Blue, Obese Egg-Layer !!

    Deadline for the voting: Thursday 20 Aug 2009

    Posting thread (closed):


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

    1. Please give c&c or a reason why you voted for the image!

    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!
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    mumma and the kids

    C.O.W. #151 Venomous, Pale Blue, Obese Egg-Layer -- VOTING

    first time submitter (also first post) long time lurker

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    the roe bloat!

    Artist: jouste

    Concept: the roe bloat

    positioned on its mountain of eggs, the roe bloat fired out the last few hundred eggs out of her ptoobes. (ptoobes are like tubes that spit out eggs). it's a weekly ordeal for the female roe bloat.

    being the most egg-full species in the galaxy, the roe bloat creates eco-systems within her mountainous piles of eggs. these temporary eco-systems are chock full of eggy energy and keep a lot of the natives of the planet fed right up for a few days.

    the main problem with the roe bloats is that it takes 14 males to satisfy the virile females. to fix this problem females (like this one here), are equipped with a potent venom that effects all males in the vicinity.

    this venom comes out as a fine mist through her pores and once it comes in contact with the perpetually exhausted males, they can do nothing but get back into the driver seat and do 'em all over again.

    this perpetual mating ritual has caused countless of fatalities among the male roe bloats, sending many of them running off to a life of celibacy as a space monk.

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    -jouste the drawbarian

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    Powder Blue

    Artist: Steve Somers

    Concept:Powder Blue Selvingester

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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: Liquorice Layer
    The venomous, Liquorise Layer lives lamely in lastitude under long lost laundry laying long lasting eggs in thick layers of venemous lougies. Liable to latch onto any probing limbs, it is best avoided by the loved little ones.
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    La Venonita!

    [*B]Artist: [*COLOR=White]David79[/COLOR]

    Concept: [*COLOR=White]Venonita[/COLOR]

    La Venonita, is a creature from the planet N-23xc, a small volcanic planet.
    The size of Venonita aproach a normal dog, very venomus and a pale color to warn over creature about is venome.
    She can look just menacing but is very cool and peacefull creature, but don't try to come to close ...

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    Blubber Slug

    Artist: Crustibian

    Concept: Blubber Slug

    The blubber slug lives deep in the forest of the forgotten wildlife. As a juvenile, while it is still mobile, the male blubber slug slithers through the undergrowth to find an ideal spot to live it’s entire adult life. It emits a powerful pheromone that attracts the female blubber slugs. For months the females deposit their eggs at the male’s mouth, which he immediately devours.

    Some of the eggs are digested but most continue to grow inside the male’s bloating body. His body continues to expand and may contain thousands of developing eggs. Finally, his skin secretes a slick venomous slime and the eggs begin popping out of his vent. The process super heats his tail end which converts the slime into a poisonous steam cloud which covers and protects the eggs until they hatch. The male’s flabby sack of a corpse will be the young blubber slugs’ first meal.

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    Artist: Bluez3023

    Concept: Barbed Back-Carrier

    This pale blue, obese and slow moving creature is known as the Barbed Back-Carrier. The Barbed Back-Carrier is named for both the venomous tentacles on its head and the fact that the male of the species carries its offspring on its back. Each tentacle has a barbed tip which can either pierce the flesh of prey and inject venom, or shoot a stream of venom in an attackers eyes from a distance. The Barbed Back-Carrier is also known for its thick armor on its back, which is useful for protecting both the parent and eggs on its back.
    Thatz Comedy

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    Artist: GoldenSerpent

    Concept: Yellow-Ringed Lancehead

    Common Name: Yellow-Ringed Lancehead
    Scientific Name : Lanceacephalous maculates
    Planet of Origin: Zianovis
    Environment: Rocky Deserts

    Yellow-Ringed Lanceheads are most easily distinguished from other species of Lanceheads by the yellow spots and rings on their body. However, being close enough to the animal to see these spots may be dangerous.

    This species hatches from round, tennis ball sized eggs. The eggs of this species are a mottled grey-brown that blends in with the surrounding rocky environment. Eggs are very tough and rubbery and incredibly impact resistant because they must survive the fall from their mother’s perching place, near the top of a cliff, to the cliff’s base.

    Hatchlings instinctively move away from the cliff base that they hatched around. Females will remain roaming predators for a year, after a year their bodies will begin to expand and they will search for a suitable cliff to make their permanent home. Once settled in, their primary means of hunting will be their swollen bioluminescent bodies. Many native creatures are attracted to the beautiful blue light; when a victim gets within the Lancehead’s range she will fire one of the harpoon like structures on her head. These harpoons contain venom that will paralyze impaled victims within seconds. Once paralyzed the Lancehead is free to reel the victim back in and ingest it at her leisure.

    Male Lanceheads remain slim, agile, wandering predators for the rest of their lives, when they sense the presence of a female they carefully make their way to the top of her cliff, however they must be especially careful that they are not mistaken for prey.

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    The Treowmite

    Artist: SIME

    Concept: Treowmite

    The female Treowmite can be found living in hollowed out tree stumps and uses her surprisingly strong spiny legs to slowly drag herself up and down the inside of her stump. Her eggs are tightly drilled into the walls of the stump where she can constantly watch over them with the many eyes placed on her legs.

    Four venom sacks are located on the front of the Treowmites chest, these not only supply venom to the smaller front arms but also as acts food for new hatch lings who's clawed mouths are too soft for anything other than suckling. Newly hatched Treowmites have been known to regurgitate this venom as a defense mechanism! Although being highly nutritious for Treowmites, this venom is deadly to all other species!
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    Artist: Arbinn

    Concept: Mud Crawler

    Also called the "sludge ghosts" by local population, mud crawlers are indigenous species of the fringe world Deltara. Being peaceful scavengers the mud crawlers avoid humans but due to their slow speed they have long ago developed a venomous stinger to defend themselves. The creature swing its tail from side to side and inject the intruder with lethal poison that kills the victim in a day if not treated quickly.

    Mud crawlers breed once in a decade but produce enormous amounts of hard green eggs that penetrate the mother's back and drop to the mud only to get buried in the warm, pyroclastic mud fields of Deltara for two years. It is estimated that approximately 80% of the hatched babies suffocate in the mud where the eggs sink before they can reach the surface and begin their lives.
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    C.O.W. #151 Venomous, Pale Blue, Obese Egg-Layer -- VOTING

    i accidentally put "chow" instead of "cow" . sorry .

    " Gomper "
    It's an herbivore that secretes poison from its skin as a defensive measure. the poison is of course blue. might be mistaken for sweat by inexperienced planetary explorers .

    long time viewer , first time i've actually managed to finish in time. also, like the first piece i've done in months.

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    Wink Final

    Artist: GNAHZ

    Concept: Blech Egglayer
    Living in the deep abyss of Mia, Blech are a species that have primary egg layers in their colony while the queen primary role is to emit pheromones to keep the colony together. After they are fertilised by the male drones, they will keep laying eggs until they become shriveled and die. O_o
    my deviantart account

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    Artist: nJoo

    Concept: Spawner
    This creature belongs to a large colony. As young individuals mature, about one in a thousand is chosen to be a spawner. Spawners are fed special food full of tryglicerides and other nutrients. This mixture causes explosive growth, but the creature becomes immobile due to extreme obesity. It spends the rest of its days in the brood chamber.

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    First post eveerrr...

    Artist: SimoneA.M.

    Concept: Grapefruit Stinger

    For most of the year these chubby slug-like creatures are easily avoidable bottom feeders crawling along the deep depths of the ocean, out of the way. It is only until a little after mating season, when the females have lain their eggs, do they live up to their name. After expelling the sticky round egg sac the female will latch onto it curving her body in such a way to ensure the offspring are guarded on all sides by its many lethal barbs. All appendages now clinging to the sac, the creature will lose any mobile abilities and float aimlessly with the current, along with the thousands of other mothers who shared the same birthing area. Drifting along the ocean these mothers will cling tight to their developing offspring violently stinging any unfortunate creature that happens to be within reach of its feeler-like barbs - which it also uses to capture small fish when the opportunity arises.

    There have been many accounts of inexperienced divers witnessing the array of bright orange grapefruit looking formations in the distance. But when they go to take a closer look they are never heard from again. Most animals know to heed the grapefruit stingers and will evacuate their habitat upon any sign of them.

    Due to most mothers getting an inadequate diet while guarding their offspring they are already half dead when they finally hatch. And thus the mother becomes her childrens first meal. Other than this, the only predator of the grapefruit stinger are human beings - specifically island cultures - who consider them a delicacy, especially the egg sac. Of course like with any other venomous sealife if the poisonous barbs are not correctly removed then they will be the customers last meal.

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