Team CHOW II: The Happy Little Trees
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Thread: Team CHOW II: The Happy Little Trees

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    Dont get me wrong, im not at all against using the base framework, just a little cautious about trying to be 'ironic' with stereotypes instead of like..actually trying to change them, or thats the impression i got? I've tried that before and its bit me on the ass.

    TBH im struggling like crazy to do a knight here. I really wish i could come at this with a clean slate, but its only been a month since i finished Tweetlord, and i was overworked on it so its still all in my system. Instead of a world of possibilities i just see a bunch of walls, jamming my flow. Its really hard to distance this particular high fantasy from that particular high fantasy even if this is miles apart in terms of style...and im not even that big a fan of high fantasy ;_;.

    I wouldnt have signed on to the CHOW if i knew what the topic was beforehand, but im still up for the challenge and so long as i distance myself from bloody medieval armour things should be ok.

    As first i claim mage/spell caster/potion brewer. Wether s/he will be human or not im not sure, its something ill have to play with, but s/he will hopefully be some degree of crazy and possibly semi nude.

    EDIT- its likely whatever i do will change from base mage btw, i may crossover into something like creature handler/summoner if thats an acceptable variation? Anything to avoid treading over old ground. If anyone can actually think of a relevant class for me which is NOT warrior/thief/ranger/cleric/mage it would help a lot.

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