Hi Guys,

Here's my contest entry for the NewBorn contest. I wish I had a bit more time on it to tune up the certain parts. I've only recently explored into the realm of digital painting with Photoshop and this is the second piece to come out of it.

The work is metaphorical of how mankind is becoming over-reliant on technology. The idea was inspired by movies like Terminator and Eagle Eye - where in both we get a glimpse of a potential future it's man against the machine.

I hoped to create an environment that fuses machine and nature together. The setting takes place in a distant future at a production plant where men are given birth by cyber-organisms and mass-produced - not the other way around.

The creature at left represents technology and the characters are setup so that the viewers could vicariously place themselves in the girl's position where we experience the fear and despair of what the future holds in a tech-laden world. We are controlled by machines, not the other way around. This is a painting that hopefully serves a purpose to enlighten viewers.

Comments and feedbacks welcome! Thanks guys