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    Ish My First Time - Sketchbook

    Sorry about the overly long post, but it's the first page of my sketchbook, and only my third post, so... I suppose an introduction is in order.

    I've constantly hounded myself to start getting to doing the things that I always want to do, but never do. One of those things is drawing.

    I think part of the reason why I didn't ever draw was cause I was scared. Scared that I'd never be able to improve, or get better at drawing. Honestly, I have no idea why I felt that way. It's just one of those things. . . You know? So without sitting there letting my assumptions and theories get into play, I'm going to attempt to counter them by drawing more, and seeing if I can improve my art.

    Anyways. A bit about myself:
    The names Cory (Or Niveus, as my nick says) . I have oodles of ways to talk to me, if you're interested, send me a PM and I'll letcha know what's up. I'm currently 19, and a college student that's studying to be a Mechanical Engineer. I love to write, draw, blah blah. I currently reside in Montrose, California, and am always looking for new events to go to! So if you know any, hit me up.

    About My Art:
    I've taken a few general art classes in High School, and a single sole class in college for making comics. I've forgotten a good portion of it all in terms of all of the classes... I've been attempting to draw in the style of "Japanese Animation" or anime, whatever you want to call it . . . But from talking to numerous people, I'm not so sure that that's the best way to start out... Just drawing anime, that is. We'll see. I was trying the "circle" method of drawing heads.

    So most of my current drawings are of that. I know I've got a long way to go.

    Also: Any tips on making the picture come out better when it comes out of my scanner? I have HP Image Zone as my software for scanning pictures, and an HP scanner/printer.

    Any and all comments are welcome. Suggestions on how to improve especially.

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    First 5 links in my sig I've found to be really helpful.
    Loomis is a must. Must must must [perspective, gaaahhh].

    Start your bookmarking, and favourites. You can subscribe to threads and
    whatnots. Just start clicking all over the page, you won't get lost.

    LIN RAN, first sig link. Short read, but it opened my eyes. [I can't shut it anymore].

    All de best.
    /vardo [Mechanical engineer, hmmmm!. awesome].

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    Thanks a lot! I really really appreciate your input, Dwardo. I actually kept checking back here every like, hour, just to see if someone had replied to my sketchbook with a tad bit of links or some odd stuff.

    The links are awesome, I'll see how far in depth I can go with these things.

    In your personal experience, do you think that there are any "practices" I should do on a regular basis, as I've read in a few other people's sketchbooks?

    *Is currently reading Concept Art 101*

    Thanks again for your input! I'll update the page a little later today, unless I don't draw. Which is doubtful (not drawing I mean).

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