Ionic: I really like the orc concept. I like the idea of a weak character who is a summoner.Great work.

Well you could work more on the elves sketches. My main concern is about the design and concept stage and the time that's left for the finished works.As i see it the elves concepts are done, you could however work on the entire drawing if you want(change pose,expression,etc). But the characters designs are pretty much ready i think.In any case if you are not content with your results you can re work what you don't like.

I have to read the rules, but i think we need to submit every single portrait. Perhaps we could also add every concept with the two versions as you suggested. i like the idea of the pair concepts on the same sheet(it clearly shows the differences).
I will check this on the topic thread and then i will post in here.

Dark Eyes is part of the team now so he will do at the moment two portraits
making a total of ten portraits that needs to be done for deadlines.