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    Question marker: how many and wich colours do i need?


    this is my first post. up to now i just read from time to time, but now i have some serious questions:

    well, i am a student at a "college" for math and physics and not for art - and probably i am going to study scientific things and not art at university. but as hobby i like doing little 3d-stuff and some webdesign. sometimes i do some little sketches and skribbles, but mostly just with pencil. recently i wish to use color and i could imagine markers beeing a good solution for getting fast coloured sketches (for example colour-themes for webpages - what would need slightly different shapes of a colour).

    so if i am right, i consider to buy some touch twins, copic-like, alcool-based, markers, because i could get them quite cheap till end of yanuary - 2 1/3 euros/dollars. copics are refillable, but i dont think i would use em that much and copics are at least more than 5 euros/dollars.

    i read something while searching in this board about three markers per colour, a light, a medium and a dark. but what colours do i need? and how are they "mixable"?
    the 123 colours of the touch twins would be there:

    and how much would i have to use them, for not drying out? because i think i would use them just from time to time.
    thank you very much,
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    need help

    what have i done wrong? more than 70 views and not a single answer ... i would like to buy those markers in the next few days, but i need your help before ...
    never touch a running system - thats too boring

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    Since no one else is helping you, all I can tell you is what I have.

    I have a small set of Copic markers and although they are expensive they are well worth the money. I got a small set of a range of about 5 cool grays, a black, and then green, yellow, blue, red, and brown. It'd be a good idea to get about that many just to see if you like using the markers and to just get a feeling for coloring.

    As long as you keep the cap on them, copics or any other decent marker should last a very long time (5-10 years). Time to time usage would be totally fine. A friend has had some copics for around 2 years now and has only had to refill once. She also uses them quite a bit.

    If I were you I'd get a small set of which ever marker brand you choose just to see if you like using markers. If so, then start building up the collection with darks and lights....oh and you can mix with copics...pretty nicely too. If you take blue over yellow it will make a solid green rather than build up in darkness like some other brands.

    Hope this helps and good luck with whatever you end up going with.

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