So I finally got around to it.

Here is a series I did, from sketch to variations.

Image 2 is a 2' x 5' oil painting: "This Moment"
Image 3 is has overlays done in Painter: "Caduceus"
Image 4 and 5 are variations that were also done in Painter.
"A Deeper Moment" & "Spectral Moment"
I will submit versions 3 ( Caduceus ), and 5 ( Spectral Moment ).

The concept:
At the time the initial under painting was being created, my girlfriend and her dad were both ill. While painting, I was meditating on channeling this naturally abundant healing energy and fusing it into the art as a message to send out to them and the world.
The aura of the tree appears as an apparition of newborn energy manifest as a cycle that spirals in and out of all life. Thus the title "Caduceus".

There have been many people to approach me and tell me that the painting "Caduceus" ( Image 3 in the series ), is so much a like to Ayahuasca journeys that they have had in it's color, form and representation of ethereal plant energy.
For those who don't know, Ayahuasca is a sacred plant medicine used initially by Shamans of South America to access the spirit realms for healing and multidimensional awareness in spirit. ( among other attributes ).
I have never done this medicine but feel closely connected to it, and other plant medicine allies.

Because painting on the computer allows this, I decided to follow through with another variation that was appearing while painting the first.