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Thread: Support? Uh, yes please.

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    Support? Uh, yes please.

    Alright, well, this is going to be one of my first posts on this board, so I'm still trying to get familiar with this forum.

    At first glance, second glance, third glance, and tenth glance. I think that this forum is amazing, but alas, I admit that I need support.

    I take a look at almost every single piece of art on this website, and I simply think that I'm not cut out to be here.

    Why? Cause every single artist here is *awesome*. I feel like a tadpole among frogs.

    1. So in terms of Support... I need Support in getting to know this board, and getting to know what's going on here.

    I've got the gist of everything, considering that everything has a description, but I just don't know where to start.

    2. Where should I go to find the "tutorials" or "suggestions" for beginners? I see a lot of tutorials and stuff to help people learn, but... I just can't seem to find the right one's that tell a beginner what some good ways at going about improving. I see people mention in sketchbook posts that people should practice this more, or that more, but I'm not sure what I should practice over-all. I'm all up for practicing, but where should I start? (I don't know if I'm really considered a beginner, but I gotta start somewhere, and seeing all the work here, I'd definitely call myself a beginner) Honestly, I have no idea where the helk to start with my studying art anymore. I thought I had an idea, but after checking out a lot of places, including here, I've become a tad bit confused as to how I should go about this.

    3. Where should I go to introduce myself if this isn't a legit introduction?

    (I'm 19, I've loved art, and wanted to draw ever since I was 13, but ever since I was 13, I was scared to draw. Scared of that blank page, and not being good enough. Never being good enough. College Student in California - Mechanical Engineering)

    4. Anyone got a crutch? I think I'm going to faint from being giddy at the art. Do I sound slightly too feminine for a guy after saying that?
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    Welcome to CA, Niveus-Tonare!

    As far as getting to know the board, most of the subforums will have a description and general guidlines/rules for posting in them at the top of the first page, in the stickied posts. There's also a lot of other helpful information, so I would recommend going through each subforum and reading those first.

    This is also a really great thread to read to get you started:

    As well as these individual posts in that thread:

    As far as knowing where to start on improving your art, we can only help you do that if we see some of it. General advice will only get you so far if you don't know your weak points. Best thing you can do is to start up a sketchbook and include a link to it in your signature. Post art in it regularly, and participate in some of the activities on the site like character of the week, environment of the week, industrial design of the week, etc. They're great practice and an awesome opportunity to get help from and be inspired by other artists. If you need help on a specific piece and aren't getting it in your sketchbook, post it in the Studies and Works in Progress or Critique Center.

    Don't worry about an "official" introduction - there are a ton of people on this site, and the best way to become known is to actively participate. Just jump in and you'll be fine.

    And don't be scared that you're not good enough - that's only going to hold you back. I was really scared to post here when I first joined, and I'm kicking myself now because of how much more I could have learned in that time.

    Good luck!
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    Awesome threads, I don't know why I didn't see them before... Ah, my mind is in a jumble xD

    Anyway, I think I might do that... The critique center or the sketchbook category.

    Thanks a lot for the help You're magical, haha.
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