Giant robot chasing innocent humans

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    Giant robot chasing innocent humans

    Hi, haven't posted on CA in a while but thought I needed some input on a current piece I'm working on. I hope you can tell what's going on here...if not...crap.

    About 2/3 hours in so far. What do you think?

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    Very cool. Good lighting, very dramtic-I love how the robot is in the shadow-it's also a good metaphore that the robot is the bad guy. I think the figures closest to the robot running need some work on their proportions--currently I don't think they look tall enough, they seem a little squaty, unles they are supposed to be kids? But to me they don't read as kids. Just my 2c.

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    i think that you spend 2 hours in a right way! nice robot...and why people are innocent? may be he is like king kong))he is the innocent robot..crushing greedy awfull humaaans...)

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    Wonderfully enticing composition marak!

    I can hear the massive crunch of the fighter jet vividly.

    A few things.
    Depending on the material of the robot, even if he was particularly matte, there would still be some bounced light from a variety of light sources:
    the blue sky (on the sunny day you've depicted this is especially true)
    the tan ground
    the fire from the jet.
    Look at the robots in the transformers movie, even the ones that are darker colored, and in shadow have TONS of bounced light on them.

    In addition, I would raise the value of your darkest darks and use them sparingly in the comp to try and direct the eye towards the face of the robot... or whatever you want the viewer to see.

    Steven6 hit it on the nose with the people. Lock in what height you want them to be, and then define their proportions better. Also, put some more detail into them. With a giant robot coming down, you can have some fun with body language and facial expressions.

    Lastly, define the environment as carefully as you have defined your robot. I LOVE the hazy city suggested in the background... but when you carry that same technique into the foreground building elements, it's bizarre. Try to make some buildings in google sketchup and paint over them. It's a free prog, and a lot of fun.

    Good luck!


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    Beautiful composition, and I love the tilted frame!

    I agree with what has been said about the people, they're very undefined and their bodies look like childrens'. Maybe they are school children running away?

    To me, I don't really feel like the robot is moving, he looks flat in the plane. I think you need a lot more lighting to make him pop out as well. The only reason I can tell that you are meaning for him to be learning foreward is because of the light on his leg, which wasn't on his body at all.

    For a city there don't seem to be many people at all! Have they all fled and are these just a few who didn't know?

    I think it would be pretty cool if you had a hat flying off one of the people (in the front) too, just my thought.

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