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    This is my current body of work that I have completed while attending classes with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division with a degree in Game Design. I graduate in December so I am hoping to make this as best as possible. Please let me know how I can improve any of these pieces. Be as harsh as you like. I can take it.

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    Wow! Very nice work you got there! My personal favourites are the very first sketch on top and the spaceship (under the red car). It kinda remind me of a face seen from an angle!

    I love your style, keep it up!
    My portfolio :


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    interesting stuff, you said i could be harsh so i will. You need to study more anatomy, your elf with the blade looks stumpy, the head, legs, and body all need to be improved. Her human arm looks ok, it could be a little more defined though. The robotic arm looks weird though, in some places it looks really reflective and in other places the metal is acting more like plastic. Also their are some unexplained reflections on that arm.

    With the space ships in space, they look ok. The only thing i noticed is the lens flare, im fine with lens flare but allot of people thing lens flare is a "nooby" thing to do.

    the picture with the troll looks ok, the head on the chest looks to clean, think about it, that head obvious got ripped off the body, and has probably been on the creature for awhile. Why would it shiny and super clean?

    the face with skull paint is probably your best peice. However the top of the head looks too square, and the part of the jaw (beneath the ear) looks far to large. Just curious was the face paint to cover up the fact that you dont know how to color faces properly? -- i know that sounded harsh, im not saying that you dont know how to color faces, but perhaps you actually don't and your covering it up .

    the mecha looks too clunky and unnattractive. If its a toy mecha than i guess its fine.

    The spaceship needs allot of work. Why is the glass shield over the cockpit red? The redness is coming from behind the ship, the cockpit should be reflecting the black space that the spaceship is facing. Their is allot more unexplained and unusual lighting in that peice. Also lens flare.

    the car looks nice, its not an original design, but it looks good.

    Ok, i just relized that your last peice is from lord of the rings. You really need to practice anatomy and lighting, also your pieces are very very blurred. Plus once agian thier is lighting in the wrong places, and in many places no lighting at all. Im aware that he is at the egde of a bridge fighting that demon, but thats only becuase i saw the movie. If i had not seen the movie i would think that a man is using a very bright super power to destroy an alien spaceship thats launching fire at him.

    Your two picture/life studies at the top look anatomically incorect. and agian the lighting doesnt make sense, her rib cage looks like its glowing.

    Ok, im sure this was a little harsh, but you said you could take it. I didn't check this post for any grammar /spelling issues so im sorry if something doesn't make sense.

    im not naming any names, you asked for a critiques and i gave them to you instead of ass patting.

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