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    Icon Tekanako storyline and concepts

    Hi all
    recently I have been considering what to do with Tekanako and after

    half a year of reading history books, looking at AFF, and designing a

    few of the ships I have come up with a revamped pre-release storyline

    for the human civil war period. however, there are still some bits that

    need to be fixed. This is going to be a mod for Homeworld 2, Dawn of War, UT3 and Close Combat Modern Tactics.

    Tekanako Civil war preparatory release Storyline

    By Alexander House, this is copyrighted under the name Tekanako©™, this has been copyrighted ever since 9/9/05 (9th august 2005)

    Precursors to long range space travel
    In the year 2064 construction on NTSA’s advanced shipyard was started.

    By the year 2094 a large fleet of colony ships had been constructed and

    it was kept in storage until Short Jump Hyperspace cores were invented

    in 2103. The closest habitable planets to Earth were colonized and by

    2150 there were 500 star systems under the control of TUP (Tekanako

    United Planets).

    Other factors
    . In the 2050’s Earth was united under the Tekanako treaty that ended

    world conflict and combined the human race into one nation.

    . Not much of Earth’s recourses were used in the production of the

    colony ships, recourse harvesting groups were sent out to collect

    recourses from the asteroid belt.

    . By the year 2103 Earth’s population was 50 billion meaning that

    subterranean citys had to be built to support the population, luckily

    the Hyperspace project was finished by then and a group of about

    53,216,443,000 went aboard the colony ships and they left to colonize.

    Pre-Civil War era
    The year is 2150 and the colonization project was a success, all

    colonies were prospering because resources were transported to them

    easily and cities were based around the large colony ship. By now

    Tekanako United Planets was under way on it’s military chassis project

    to protect transports from possible unknown races. After the military

    was set up the territory that was colonized and owned by Tekanako

    United Planets was split into 3 states so governing was possible.

    However this leads to each state having its own sense of Nationalism,

    causing strife amongst the colonies.

    In 2183 the government loses control of the southern state and there

    are riots in the streets of the colonies. The military leaders are

    afraid to cause massive panic with the large anti-riot forces. The

    forces that are loyal to the southern state lead a violent revolution;

    their leader was the infamous soldier Ryan Klaan. The new Cylin

    military Dictatorship forces an Independence treaty from Tekanako,

    threatening that if they do not comply their military forces will hunt

    down any Tekanako civilian ships in their space and destroy them.

    2188 was the year the both the party and President were assassinated

    when the engines were sabotaged by a Cylin agent. Ryan Klaan suggested

    to the main state of Tekanako United Planets that the south-western

    state caused the assassination. While he then suggested to the

    south-western province that the main state wanted to assassinate its

    own government so they could take control of their state.
    On April 22nd 2189 the south-western state rebelled into the Harino

    Democratic Republic of Planets. For a year of the 2 waring factions

    would flank each other costing both governments precious resources. The

    beginning of the war was extremely fluent, the borders of the 2 nations

    changed constantly.

    Raider rebellion
    In the year 2190 the great military mutiny of the far eastern Tekanako

    forces occurred. The Ryan Klaan offered them all a higher pay if they

    and there surrounding colonies became a client state, raided Tekanako

    ships and colonies, destroyed Tekanako supply lines and captured any

    Tekanako ships. This became a great crimp in Tekanako's war effort

    against Harino.
    The Cylin enter
    Both sides had done what the Cylin dictatorship wanted, they were both

    wearing each other down and keeping each others fleets busy. The Cylin

    fleets took advantage of this, in 2191 the Cylin declared war on both

    the Harino and the Tekanako. In a matter of months the 2 factions had

    lost a fifth of their territories against the Cylin and the Raiders.

    After a while battles were turning into 3 way fights, so on 4th

    November 2191 the Tekanako United Planets and the Harino Democratic

    Republic of Planets were forced to sign a peace treaty and fight back

    the Cylin and Raider invasion.

    Note: more detailed work is to be done on these facts, grammar will be cleaner soon.

    Tekanako United Planets (TUP) information
    Capital planet (or theoretical homeworld): Earth.

    Other major planets: Tekanako (Tarsus system), Essar (Archine system), Proxima XII (Telthar system).

    Government: Democratic parliament

    Amount of Star systems: 214

    . Resolve past disagreements with Harino, A peace treaty must be arranged
    . Convince Harino to join a military entente.
    . Annex Cylin and Raider supply lines and resources.
    . Capture the Ryan Klaan dead or alive with his mothership.
    . Research advanced fleet reform technology.
    . Protect the eastern colonies from the Raiders.
    . Save Earth from the Cylin siege.

    Harino Democratic Republic of Planes (HDRP) information
    Capital planet (or theoretical homeworld): Harin (Harino system)

    Other major planets: Kasar (verta system), harsckolov (Harino system), Erashh (theros III system).

    Government: Republican democracy

    Amount of Star systems: 198

    . Reclaim Harino colonies that have been taken by Cylin forces.
    . Reclaim colonies for Tekanako.
    . Defeat key Cylin fleets and armies.
    . Collect important information on Cylin whereabouts.
    . Support Tekanako with information, recourses, troops and fleets.

    Cylin Military Dictatorship (CMD) information

    Capital planet (or theoretical homeworld): Cylin (Silic system)

    Other major planets: Faris (Jyan system), Es Mayar (Ryasna system), Smanantana (Hajiz system).

    Amount of Star systems: 313

    Government: Military Dictatorship

    . Take over all other factions; impose the Cylin dictatorship upon the people.
    . Destroy supply lines.
    . Destroy enemy resource operations.
    . Encourage Raider support of the war.
    . Take the enemy factions homeworlds and other major planets to discourage an offensive.
    . Create massive fleets and armies.
    . This may sound silly but the Cylin are supposed to LOSE!!!

    Raider information
    Capital planet (or theoretical homeworld): This is a tribal culture, there is no homeworld


    Major planets: Kalar (Yametana system, Turas tribe), Jubalsim (Tanner

    system, Siribaal tribe), Dukaat (Salijaan system, Dukas tribe).

    Amount of Star systems: 159

    Government: Tribal

    . Raid weak colonies.
    . Raid any convoys or lone cargo freighters.
    . Get as much booty as demanded, give half of whatever you get to the Cylin.
    . Board and take over as many ships as possible.
    . Harass the Tekanako fleets..Cylin war storyline is in production!

    for any designs of ships visit these sites: (you need to become my friend on MySpace to view my profile)

    Tekanako civil war carrier 1 by ~tekanako-the-first on deviantART
    Tekanako storyline and concepts

    Tekanako SD Class Carrier by ~tekanako-the-first on deviantART
    Tekanako storyline and concepts

    Tekanako 23rd century Interceptor Tekanako Tallgeese class Interceptor
    Tekanako storyline and concepts

    Tekanako civil war carrier 2 by ~tekanako-the-first on deviantART
    Tekanako storyline and concepts

    Tekanako civil war carrier 3 by ~tekanako-the-first on deviantART
    Tekanako storyline and concepts
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    Post Ship info

    Hi everybody, I've been writing about the ships a bit and here is the outcome.

    Tekanako Civil War Carrier (standard model) info

    Hi, I'm Explaining the Tekanako Civil War Carrier to you all.

    This ship has been in use ever since the 2150s, until the reforms in the middle of the civil war. Many of these old carriers got blown away in the first stage of the civil war, between the TUP and HDRP. But a few did live on to see the Cylin War in 2253.

    However some of my design flaws are that it does not have both the landing or the launching pads.

    What is it going to look like

    It is going to be speed painted, however it is going to take a while to get it done seeing that I only have CS4 at school and I have Corel Painter 2 at home (it is a bit old and simple), in the end it will look like a Talros inspired ship.

    Systems and specs
    This ship has 3 sub system slots, 3 module slots and 3 building slots. it has 3 sweeper turrets. Unfortunately this carrier doesn't like a beating, you have to do 3 health upgrades so it lasts through a battle.

    Tekanako Tallgeese interceptor info
    Ok, here are the specs on the Tekanako Tallgeese Interceptor!

    This interceptor came on line 5 years before the Cylin War, in the end I will find time to make 2 versions of this in digital painting, one will look kinda Talros while the other will look more like an AFF team production.

    This is the accurate line version of the interceptor, as you can see it has 2 pulse sub machine guns. the arrows on the front indicate that it is an Interceptor class fighter and that it gives the sense that it is moving forward at fast speeds.

    Tekanako 23rd century SD Kiaros Carrier info

    This is the loose gesture for the accurate version, it is designed to last a long time (hours), enhance fighter/corvette weaponry, speed and health in a surrounding radius, support fighters/corvettes in battle.
    It has 7 rapid sweepers and 8 pulsar cannons, it has 2 production slots (one can produce both fighters and corvettes and the second one can produce Frigates), and it has 10 sub-system slots. This ship was produced when the Tekanako fleet came across ancient Super Dreadnaught technology.

    for any more info you should visit this social group i the forums (and if you are a Homeworld fan):
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    Post Tekanako: Cylin War

    Hi guys, I thought I should show you the bit of what I have written for the Cylin War.

    Tekanako-Cylin war pre release Storyline
    By Alexander House, Tekanako© 13th August 11:49 AM 2009
    After the Civil War and before the Cylin war

    After the civil war ended a Democratic government was introduced to the Cylin faction. But the winning of the war did nothing to help with any of the problems that still existed, the factions still would not re-join. The Cylin Peoples Democratic Republic lasted for 20 peaceful years, after the 20 years another military coo occurred. A Cylin emperor of royal blood was put in this new throne. However, this new government played it carefully with the other factions and so the Cylin did not suddenly cause any major wars.

    Things that have changed after the war
    . More planets have been colonized (Territories are larger).
    . Their has still been a continuous war against the Raiders, however it isn’t as bad as the Civil war.
    . The Raiders have now tripled in size; there are now 6 more tribes:
    Mat Masaak

    The Great truth
    Some 20 years after the coo an Alien artifact was found during a recourse dig, 2 others were found in the area. Analysis indicated that these were LJC (Long Jump Cores) and that they had abilities far reaching their own. This sparked a large archaeological dig all over Cylin territory; these digs were classified as TOP SECRET. The only other things they found were the Planetkiller laser which had devastating effects on planets and the ship that was firing it (Cylin did not have the technology to cool down the power supply or the main gun).

    LJC Travel
    These cores allowed them to travel in hyperspace even further across the galaxy in minutes; they came across an alien race of humanoids called the Confederation of Covnir who were will to trade arms and supplies, due to the fact that they were at war with the Sarsin Empire. An alliance was formed which involved the Covnir military in any wars declared by Cylin, however, this just meant anybody who tried to attack the convoy lines. The Cylin finally had weapons to surprise Tekanako.

    Prelude to War
    25th March 2249
    At the Conference of Interspatial Human Affairs, the TUP president created an arms treaty that cut down everybody’s military arms and ships by 30%, both the Harino and Cylin representatives did not like the idea. However Tekanako ships had the Great Wall to hide any military forces in. the Cylin could just apply 30% of there military to the convoys and the Gate project, right under the noses of the other 3 governments.

    The Gate Project
    The Cylin couldn’t just rely on the convoys buy them selves; they needed some network that would safely get them to a destination in Covnir space and back.
    The Cylin came up with the mega gate network. These megalithic structures would take years to build, 4 were already online. Raiders were aloud to use these gates as long as they raided Tekanako, Harino and any other unknown ships.

    Harino’s discovery

    (Harino campaign mission)
    On 23rd August 2251 a Harino fleet brought a few ships with hyperspace inhibitors, by shear luck they then found that they had blocked the path of a Raider Carrier fleet. The Raiders then discovered what was going on and they scrambled all their Fighters, Corvettes and Frigates to crush the Harino fleet. However, the Raider fleet was trapped, the Harino were able to deploy their fleet and attack the belly of the Carrier group. They then boarded the carriers and destroyed their cover. The Harino marines found a few pieces of a megalithic structure inside a few of the carrier; they appeared to be of Cylin design, smooth and round but very advanced. Then they were surprised to find that the Raiders were transporting these parts to them, the Harino learnt about one of the secret gates. Harino’s ambassador informed the Cylin Emperor and he was able to black mail him into transporting 3 billion RU’s to the Harino system.

    Where are all the Cylin forces?
    In January 2253, 5 months before the war, Tekanako noticed that about 70% of the Cylin forces had disappeared. A hacker was able to find records of these ships, what ships? Apparently the Cylin government had erased all proof that these ships had ever existed. Tekanako forces were deployed at the south border but nothing happened, not one attack.

    War Plan
    It was secretly arranged on 28th April 2253, that the Harino would get involved if there was ever another war in-between TUP and the CISN, that meant striking the western Cylin border straight away.
    Mobilization and war
    On the 15th June 2253 the Cylin mobilized its forces and they hit Tekanako systems north of the defense line. A Cylin fleet hyperspaced to the Station Naam surrounding Earth and they were able to destroy all the planetary defense stations. However, a sizable force was able to escape Earths orbit and retreat to the nebula of The Great Wall. The mission was to find the LJC technology so they can defeat Cylin.

    The Dreadnaught campaign

    The Great Wall Nebula
    The Great Wall is a nebula that stretches across a 4th of the Galaxy; it is known to contain many mysteries including ancient technology, mysterious attacks and allot harvestable RU’s. When the Tekanako fleet arrived they meet up with the 31st dust cloud division, they scanned the thick dust cloud until an ancient core was found (300 metres wide by 500 metres tall). This led them to an abandoned core a few light years away. However they were suddenly attacked by an intercepting raider fleet and the Cylin were given their co-ordinates. Suddenly a small Cylin fleet came out of hyperspace and it tried to assist the raiders. The advanced mothership of the fleet was able to install the core and the fleet was able to hyperspace 30,000 light years from the nebula.

    The Dreadnaught
    There was information on the core on where it came from; it had apparently come from a super dreadnaught which is located in the Galactic core. The fleet arrived to find the super dreadnaught but they were suddenly attacked by drones that protected it. The drones were defeated by using anti corvette/fighter weaponry. The dreadnaught was resurrected and new dreadnaught technology was available to the fleet.

    Covnir Attack
    “If you are here to attack the convoys then we will warn you to leave or die, leave and only half of you will die”
    6 Covnir Battlecruiser came out of Hyperspace and the Mothership were sent the message above. They appeared to be a rather advanced race, the Battlecruisers appeared to be rather vast, but they did not have any air cover so they were boarded and the crewmen were forced into the life boats to leave. The fleet had no idea why they had been attacked, so they hyperspaced to Harino to give them the new technology.
    Harino deployment
    Harino deployed its forces on 16th June 2253 and it struck the South-western border of CISN. The Harino forces were able to set a defence that would give them time to wait for Tekanako aid.

    The Dreadnaughts Arrive
    Once the Dreadnaught mission was complete the Tekanako fleet hyperspaced into Harino territory, the Harino saw that the Tekanako fleet looked more advanced than it used to be, the Tekanako fleet shared the Dreadnaught technology with Harino. The Harino then came out with the truth; they gave them co-ordinates to a Mega gate in the middle of the Cylin Empire, the mission is to board the gate and relieve Earth of the Cylin siege.

    Gate Missions
    The fleet hyperspaced to the given co-ordinates to find them selves in a huge dust cloud, the gate was right in the middle of a the clear area. On the gate had been build a whole heap of Shipyard, docking and defensive facilities that were going to make it harder to board. There was a regular defensive fleet that was guarding the gate. The fleet swooped around and the defence facilities were knocked out. Then all of a sudden a transmission was sent from a few of the Cylin ships; “you are looking in the wrong place, take the gate and get to these co-ordinates”. Half of the Cylin fleet hyperspaced out and the rest were destroyed, the gate was finally taken.

    “It appears that the Cylin have built at least 6 of these gates... they appear to be in several different parts of the galaxy. We have discovered that the co-ordinates given is the location of another gate....

    Oh my god, they are installing a sniper weapon on this gate, they are going to use this to target ships, later on they are going to render Earth lifeless, the mission is to take out this gate by any means. The gate is heavily defended and we can not do this without Harino co-operation”

    They came out of hyperspace in another nebula.
    A list of the garrison:
    3 Super Fortresses’
    1 gate
    The Imperial Mothership (Imperial Guard Fleet)
    7 Battlecruisers (Imperial Guard Fleet)
    4 Battleships (Imperial Guard Fleet)
    5 Carriers
    2 destroyers
    2 Sweeper destroyers
    2 missile destroyers
    2 type A Cruisers
    2 type B Cruisers

    5 Interceptor squadrons
    5 Bomber squadrons
    5 Intruder squadrons
    5 Advanced Interceptor squadrons

    The Fleet attacked one of the Super Fortresses’ and the Imperial Fleet reared up to meet them.
    “You do not have a chance of winning this battle; surrender now and you might go to a more worthy PoW camp” the Cylin Emperor

    The Cylin fleet charged them straight on, the Allied fleet countered this by flanking them on both sides, the Emperor and what ever remanets of his fleet fled to the capital. The Allied fleet approached the gate, it fired upon them but they were able to disarm it and board it.

    “We are finished... now we must see how this war plays out”

    The Covnir Argument
    “You have failed to keep this a secret; this alliance is supposed to work upon secrecy and the convoys... now your rivals have found your gate network and they have learned about our existence, we will have to take matters into our own hands. We cannot afford to lose the war against Sarsin!”
    Covnir leader

    “The Cylin production efforts will be ramped up 50 percent more than the normal production rate, I ashore you that both the Tekanako and Harino government will be crushed under Cylin titanium!”
    The Cylin Emperor

    Covnir ambush
    On the 3rd August 2253 the Covnir demonstrated its power to the Tekanako fleet. The outpost planet of Kanvaal was attacked by a Covnir fleet, the garrison picked up unknown hyperspace signatures. The garrison was shredded to piece in 10 minutes while it took a few hours to turn the planet into a complete dust bowl.

    The Tekanako government took even more efforts to stop this from happening again, they had a look through the gates archives and they discovered that there was an alliance in-between CISN and the mysterious Covnir Confederation.

    They found that there were 3 other gates in Covnir space and the Dreadnaught fleet was assembled to go through the gates and ambush the Covnir forces.
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    Talking Covnir introduction

    Hi guys, you know when I mentioned the Covnir several times in my storyline... well I think you were left in a mystery about them, even I found them to be mysterious... and I'm the one that came up with them. Well now, here is a bit of the introduction for you guys, especially for Zerosignal (Dean), Violentcat (Eddie) and Eleanor (if you have read it). ohhh... there will be more!

    Covnir Introduction
    Alexander House, copyrighted under Tekanako©™ 26/08/2009
    Early space travel
    In the 3rd century AD or 1st CLDT (Covnir Long Distance Travel) the Covnir were able to finally able to launch a fleet of ships dedicated to fortifying rights to the surrounding systems and its resources. They relied upon their military ships to fortify Union laws upon these systems and they were able to successfully colonize and found a stable trade route from the Homeworld and to the other systems.

    Their ships were installed with simple hyperspace drives and Kinetic turret technology to travel at short distances and to be prepared for anything.

    Syono-Covnir war
    40 years later (40 CLDT), the Covnir had set up successful colonies and a powerful navy which was yet to be challenged. In 189 CLDT they were finally challenged and invaded by a race as powerful as they were, called the Syono’kov. They relied upon the same type of hyperspace system but they used a deadly new weapon the Covnir had never seen before, called the Ion cannon.

    The Covnir were able to rely upon there Kinetic weapons until it was necessary to take a Syono’kov Battlecruiser and research this new technology. The Covnir were able to ramp up production much faster than the Syono’kov, and they were able to beat back the invasion at a stable rate.

    Syono’Kovnikz under siege
    By the year 193 CLDT the Syono’kov had been beaten back to there homeworld. Syono’Kovnikz was tightly packed with the last of there ships, the rest that remained were under Covnir control.

    Covnir fleets hyperspaced into the system and they forced back the Syono’kov fleets back to there homeworld. There were many Syono’kov fleets over the homeworld and many more waiting to launch from the city docks. The Covnir finally reached the homeworld and they opened fire upon the defending fleets.

    Many more Covnir vessels arrived a month later to help with the bombardment of many strategic points on Syono’Kovnikz. Quite a few cities were leveled and the drop ships finally landed to fight Syono’kov troops. Syono’kov peoples and troops had retreated into the subterranean installations, and whatever was left of the cities to fight back the Covnir ground forces. On the 19th May 195 CLDT, after bloody fighting (Stalingrad level but 1000 time larger), the Syono’kov finally surrendered and they were forced to become citizen of the Covnir Confederation.

    Rise of Greater Covnir
    By 280 CLDT the Covnir had become an advanced civilization, they came across many new species of intelligent life. All of these races were either pre-hyperspace or weaker space civilizations, they got invaded by the Covnir or were forced into alliances that turned them into puppet states. Advancement and industry was what became of the Covnir confederation.
    By 390 CLDT the Covnir was in possession of over 700 systems, after the large boom in population, they tried to expand even more. They immediately ran into the monolithic Sarsin Empire and the monolithic Gwazanii Empire.

    After a few decades passed, the Covnir navy became ambitious, when it started to lead a series of skirmishes against small Sarsin garrisons and undefended shipyards. Most of these skirmishes came to nothing. The Sarsin were always going to have a larger production capability compared to the Covnir confederation.

    Covnir-Sarsin war
    By 410 CLDT the Covnir confederation’s navy and army had been leading a large number of skirmishes against unsuspecting Sarsin systems. On October 1st 411 CLDT the Covnir lead an official ambush against a Sarsin fleet. The Covnir fleet sustained heavy loses but the Sarsin fleet was defeated. The Covnir confederation launched all of its fleets and ramped up production to the extremes. In 3 months all of the Sarsin systems on the Covnir border had been taken and there was a faint hope of victory. But the Sarsin had been able to easily produce many more fleets and they were able to beat back the Covnir fleets. The Covnir fleets tried to hit every weak point in the Sarsin position but there was no effect.

    On 1st May 412 CLDT, the Sarsin finally got tired of waiting they hyperspaced across the Covnir border and in seconds there were Sarsin fleets right over the Covnir homeworld blaring out “you have lost, surrender now or we will fire upon your homeworld”. The Covnir confederate council considered the demand, the Covnir had never once been defeated but it was forced to sign the Treaty of the Outer Sarsin systems. They were not allowed to display their fleets on the Sarsin border, nor could they attack any Sarsin resources or property.

    The centuries of Covnir prosperity
    It was resolved by the Covnir Confederate Council that they could not breach the Sarsin outer regions. Instead they would have to build up their civilization and create more military alliances.

    In the year 425 CLDT a trade alliance was created in-between the Gwazanii Empire and the Covnir confederation, they were able to solidify there position as an important civilization in the North-eastern half of the Milky Way.

    In the year 426 CLDT the Covnir came across a race of nomadic raiders up in the far reaches of the galaxy, these raiders were offered an alliance that included free passage into Covnir space. These raiders accepted the offer and in 426 CLDT they started to bring in loot from the many unwary of ships that passed near their space.

    By the 5th century CLDT the Covnir were finally being forced to move people of their heavily populated planets and on to the many super stations that orbited the worlds. Due to the huge boom in population there was an ever stronger military and production. But they were forced to trade even further with surrounding civilizations and people were starting to worry that the food stocks may be exhausted so by the 6th century CLDT megalithic biosphere stations were built in orbit around the many planets in the Covnir confederation and by the end of the 6th CLDT these biospheres were producing a billion tons of food each day.
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    Tekanako storyline and concepts

    Hi guys, this is the 'pokročilé bojovník proti' class Tekanako Flak Frigate (of course, Tekanako is a multicultural Utopian society)

    This is based upon a few of Talros's Taiid'an redesigns as well as the Hiigaran Flak frigate concepts.

    Systems and specs
    This Frigate is fast and has some nice flying tricks up it's sleeves. It can fire during movement and it can fire rapid bursts of Flak. As you know, it has 2 Flak turrets, the bridge is hidden on the other side and it requires the large vents (of which you can see) to cool down the ship and any other systems (they can also be used for extra propulsion).

    These frigates have been used millions of times and they have been a pinnacle in anti-fighter/corvette warfare. Due to their speed and maneuverability it has been used in famous anti-fighter/corvette battles through out the Civil War. These ships are also used in skirmishes against recourse targets and unprotected convoys, they can quickly swoop in with your fleet and pick off any smaller or larger craft. Once the my test release is out I will create a trailer video demonstrating how a Convoy attack is operated, the mod is due in the next 4 or so years by the way.

    This one was a real adventure, the pen work is a photocopy and then I did my markering with my all new Prismacolor pencil effects.
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    man. impressive amount of work you have here. people don't give enough credit to the development of a proper back story. you're way ahead of the game here.

    keep up the good work!
    -: [ sketchbook | ] :-

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    Slick. I'm reminded a good deal of BattleTech...
    Amateur Artist. Professional Asshole.

    Lookit the Pretty!

    Rule #1 of depicting soldiers: KEEP THE DAMN FINGER OFF THE DAMN TRIGGER.

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the critique!
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    Tekanako Torpedo Frigate

    Tekanako storyline and concepts

    This class of Torpedo Frigate (Class name to be decided) existed during the Cylin War, in was the pinnacle of Torpedo Frigate Chassis technology at the time. with 4 Torpedo launchers, firing 2 in succession, several Missile production facilities and dozens of pin missile launchers. The composition of this ship also means that it does not need to sacrifice speed when it come to armor, with very well manufactured engines as well as durable armor and a curvature body.
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    Tekanako Ion Frigate Type A

    Tekanako storyline and concepts

    This is the Tekanako Ion Beam Type A Frigate sketch, and it is being worked on, so far I am creating a pen version (due to inspiration from Daemoria) and a speedpaint version in Talros style.
    sorry but I have to cut this short.
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    Tekanako 'Hazine' class Convoy

    Tekanako storyline and concepts

    Another concept is finished, this is the Hazine class Shuttle convoy. It can carry 40 Corvettes/Fighters/Utility vessels and it is just as fast as the Hiigaran Shuttle in Homeworld 2 Complex. It's armaments are 4 anti Fighter/Corvette mini gun turrets and another 4 anti missile/torpedo/mine/perforation pod/concussion pod turrets, it also has 3 nuclear missile launchers.

    The Shuttle has the ability to carry and build advanced repair ships and (movers or patchers), it also has a radius of how far advanced repair ships can operate.

    The reason why the Shuttle has the name Hazine is because Tekanako is a multicultural society, the name is Turkish and it is translated into the English word 'treasure', mainly because the resources being carried in a Convoy can be very valuable.
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    Radical Changes, more stuff

    Hey, I'm back !

    Been away for a year, mainly due to time and deviantart, I keep on forgetting nowadays about these forums.

    Anyways, what was once Tekanako is no longer, what you saw in 2009 has evolved into something way more better and realistic than the future of misplace Taiidan style ships (Ship designs have taken more of a Realistic Industrial Design approach).

    Now it is known as Alliance, and there have been radical changes, both in storyline, realism, design and short/long term goals. I'll have to catch up with the postings of all the designs later.

    Aside from Alliance, I have learned how to create Space Art, while I should be able to upload now because I have a fast wireless connection with Westnet instead of what I had with Telstra and their bloody monopoly on the lines.

    But I've just discovered that my upload is currently not working so I'll give you deviantart links.
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    Okay, I finaly figured what was weong my uploads, here they are, remember, visit my deviantart profile for the larger dimensions:

    Tekanako storyline and concepts
    Tekanako storyline and concepts
    Tekanako storyline and concepts

    Alliance Infallable class destoyer
    8 Kinetic Viker's turrets
    1 laser
    4 gattling guns

    capable of carrying 4 squadrons
    Ion propulsion
    Fusion power
    Hyperspace capable
    Missile guiding systems
    Ejectable fuel modules, hyperspace engine, fussion and computer core for salvage and sabotage (in the case that the ship is boarded).


    Tekanako storyline and concepts

    Tekanako storyline and concepts

    Tekanako storyline and concepts

    Tekanako storyline and concepts
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    why Takanako? it has no meaning but it is japanese.


    Sketch Book

    New website coming soon!

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    I know, I changed the universe's name a long time ago - no idea why picked it, maybe some sort of romanization, I can't remember what it is. Alliance, sounds a lot more better and makes more sence in context to my universe - that reminds me, I should change my username soon, I've been meaning to do so, just been preoccupied.
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