I had big plans for a piece for this contest, put together a whole bunch of sketch and study work... But paying work (which I can't complain about) and an unexpected trip to the hospital (which I could, but won't complain about) got in the way.

But, as I had a few hours free today, I decided I wanted to throw together something quick, off the top of my head, and post it. Mostly because I've been looking at people's work for the contest and it is genuinely inspiring. There's a fuck of a lot of talent gathered here, and it makes this feel like a real EVENT.

So, here's what I threw together today. I work as an illustrator, and my stuff is generally of a more comicbook meets photo-montage style... The more painterly, classic concept art style, is not something that comes natural or easy to me, but I'm trying to push things forward in that area. Having been drawn in an afternoon however, this piece is more just how stuff comes straight out of my head.

Not looking for any recognition, just wanting to take part, and keep a promise to myself that I would post something!