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    --- Into t h i s world

    LATEST: (this time with a close-up on the kid)
    Attachment 735630

    So the story is as follows: a kid fell off a platform onto some rocks in a park in the city. We see his broken body sprawled down there among some rocks and medical personnel around him. He's as dead as one gets and all, so that world is extremely desaturated, almost grayscale - he has no connection to the world of the living anymore. But death is not the end of our journey., especially that of a little boy. Now he is welcomed to a colourful fantasy world he has always imagined must definitely exist somewhere - the creatures and robots (who we see reflected in a puddle in the foreground) of his imagination welcoming him into their realm.
    So the only saturated colour in the picture is in the sky (a magical medium in my eyes) and the reflection on the water (a magical medium, again) and the boy's new/astral body or soul-body, which enters the World Beyond.


    The image itself would have a lot of personal significance to me, because this is pretty much what happened to a friend of mine several years ago.

    Here's some idea progress shots, too, sorry for the totally crappy quality, that's all my webcam manages, and I've got no scanner or better camera at my disposal this summer. I'll put only the doodles that have something to do with the picture I'm working on right now.

    1. with most pictures I do I first brainstorm before starting with sketching
    Attachment 735638
    2. then I do pencil or ink or pen sketches 'til I have something that appeals to me
    Attachment 735636
    Attachment 735633
    Attachment 735631

    Now, with hours of work behind me, I'm coming to realize that the path I've taken with this picture just might be beyond my skills with the digital medium :|

    I'd appreciate any critique you guys could give me ! From how well it reads to compositional or tonal or other points in the picture.

    Meanwhile I'll get back to work....
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    wow, this deep
    so much forethought
    the way its thought out and explained makes sense
    but i'm just wondering if others will pickup on these things if they see it
    without having it explained to them

    it looks great so far, looking forward to finished piece

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    agreed, you're going to need to really do something to make it instantly clear the kid on the ground and the kid looking at the camera are the same person.

    Best of luck! Looking forward to seeing it progress!

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    oooh bloody BLOODY bloody hell ! a Photoshop crash was the last thing I needed... I was hooked or something and didn't save.. aw this really threw a dampener on my will right now.

    I'll see if I feel like spending another sleepless night to re-do all that work

    anyhow: good luck to all and to all the late finishers ! you guys rock and some of the pieces have surpassed stellar awesomeness !


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