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    Stanley Spencer

    Stanley has got to be one of the greats of
    the 20th century if only for his prodigious output ....
    to say nothing of his compicated sex life !

    Born in Cookham in 1891 Cookham continued to be his home
    in adult life and the setting of many of his paintings.

    From reading his biogs I seem to remember that he also filled
    many notebooks with his writings so he was obviously
    into writing as well as painting

    Francon Davies ... the pianist... knew Stanley from 1947
    He said... Stanley was a true musician, he knew every note of the Bach fugues.
    His playing too was that of a true musician
    once heard, he could play any piece of music.

    So there it is... Stanley... a prolific painter,
    a writer, a true musician....
    sounds like the all round Renaissance man to me !

    In 1927 Stanley was age 36 and sex was becoming something of an obsession and an inspiration for his paintings.
    He thought of the Cookham Ressurrection... as the first of his sex paintings.
    In 1929 Stanley first met Patricia Preece

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    This would work better with pictures...

    Edit: you can upload them here, paperclip icon.

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    Stanley Spencer

    Stanley Spencer

    Stanley Spencer

    Stanley Spencer

    Stanley Spencer

    Stanley Spencer

    Stanley Spencer

    Stanley Spencer

    Stanley Spencer
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    Those are brilliant.
    Thanks, Posh.
    - Dan Dos Santos

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