So Matte_Art and I just had a great chat, which resulted in some interesting ideas.

So, we were thinking about a basic/general idea of the world our chars are in. The chat log will be posted on the account for your perusal, but I'd like us to meet again ASAP to try and get some of these questions hammered out.

1) What are the rules of magic, and how does this affect our chars and what they can do?

2) What is the world, and how does this affect the chars?

So the idea we came up with was a town that was cursed, where the heroes were actual everyday citizens in some way. We initially thought that during the night, their evil self would take over, but then we turned that on its head, and though it might be more interesting if the evil versions of our characters we bad during the day, and became their good versions at night.

Our intention was to get away from stereotypes, and get really interesting chars, while still having the fighter, theif etc, classes from the brief. I think this was already being explored, I know sketcheth and jdgeez posted up there. Let's meet and explore this more!

Until then, I'm working on shape thumbs, reference gathering etc.