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    Looking for Doom 2 art

    I doubt this will be an easy task for anyone, I've spent hours on google trying to find it. What it is is a scrolling wall of tortured faces acting as a teleporter at the beginning of the final level in doom 2 & the wallpaper for the ending statistics of each level on completion. Here is a youtube clip of the final level, you can catch a glimpse of the tortured faces and skip to the end of the level for the other art. I really need a high res version but I'd take anything anybody finds really. Bajillion tys to whoever does find anything

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    Step one download doom 2

    step 2, noclip and level warp.
    "Level Warp
    Cheat code: IDCLEV XX
    Note: (XX is the level number, like 06)

    No Clipping Mode
    Cheat code: idclip "

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    I had an ID Classics Collection box, whos manual came with pages of that art; especially that skull with the long horns. When I go to look online, it's like those beautiful drawings never existed. I hat eit.
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