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    Last minute opportunity to join the Live Color Theory class on CA today (Sunday 26th)


    If you could not make it yesterday, today may work for you too. Hope to see you all join us. The cause is great too! Depending on the turnout, it is my plan to stay another two hours too, to personally answer any and all of your questions!

    Check it!

    Sunday's Live Color Theory Class Redux (Still time to sign up!!)
    We will see you in a few hours for another day of Colour Theory. 1pm central standard time (austin tx). is the link for tuition.

    The info is all there in the threads. Same class. New time. On time. First go was a ton of fun. I am sticking around an extra couple hours too. Four hours just became six. Care to join us? Will answer questions until I am out of breath. Join us!

    Here is the info on Sunday's class.

    UPDATE...TIME IS 1PM CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME. Replacing image. I am in Austin tx..which is central daylight. We will start the show then.

    You can cover your tuition here:

    Welcome. COLOR AND THE THEORY OF LIGHT is one of the most elusive courses in education. In all of my teaching, studies, or travels, I have yet to see one class anywhere that all of this information is shared, even over multiple semesters in Art School. Well this Saturday it is on ConceptArt.Org, LIVE, streaming and in your room.

    This coming Saturday, we will be delving deeply into the importance of lighting theory for illustration, concept design, Fine Art, 3d, film, games, comics, and visual media of all kinds. There will be more information announced shortly but I thought to add some info so those who are interested in their artistic growth may have something good to look forward to.

    Communicating the visual feeling of light, and depth of mood is of the utmost importance when making art, no matter the field or industry. Today's art world requires a spectrum of understandings related to both visual and cultural color theories. Accurate, abstract, and emotional qualities of color will be focused on. We will cover basic, intermediate and advanced color theory as directly related to making visual art. Students will learn how to create focal areas, pictorial space through color movements and atmospheric perspective as well as narrative color control for precise and purposeful visual storytelling. Basic lighting theory will be heavily focused on including topics of temperature, value, saturation, compliment lighting, and palette choice for mood variation.

    Date: Sunday July 26 2009
    Time: 1pm - 5pm Central DAYLIGHT Time i.e. 1PM here in Austin Texas.
    Cost: 95 USD

    This course will be taught live and online. Students will be allowed to chat and ask questions of each other during the lecture and presentation in order to better understand the discussion. I will answer questions as time allows, as we have much to cover. It is a thorough course and you will want to take notes.

    This course will be in HD and requires a standard broadband connection. 56k beware! If you are located in Timbuktoo and have a very poor internet connection I will be running a test in the next day or two. Watch the forums here for times and more information, or add me on Facebook and I will update there too. is my profile there.

    Information on how this works will be announced shortly.

    I taught a portion of this course in New Zealand at the Marama Workshop. I asked the audience, which was more than half filled with professionals from companies like Weta, Krome Studios and many more, an important question. "How many of you got this in art school?" The answer was unfortunate...none. Well we are going to do something about that here on CA. This topic is going to be shared, explored, and utilized to help artists make better work immediately. Your work will improve because your color understanding will be honed and your eyes opened to how light, mood, and color communication works. I have taught this class many times now and have expanded it to include more info on a variety of fields and how this most important foundation can be utilized every time you sit with the brush or pen.

    Hope to see you there! Watch this thread for more info over the coming days.



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    I tagged along for this yesterday, I guarantee it is awesome! ;]

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    Yep good stuff, made me want to grab some paint and start messing around with the theory. I'll have to check it again once I get back home from holiday I guess

    There's plenty of opportunity to eat in class, chat with classmates and still being able to listen in and ask questions while the lecture is given, what else would you want during a lecture

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    Jason, If you make this a DVD and/or download we will buy it too!!! Pleeeeaaaaseeee!!! I can't sign up this week-end but I'll buy the lecture later if you make it available... Yes please?!?!?!?!?!? Live in concert... Jason Manley!!

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    This was really great Jason and boy did I need that boost and kick to the brains. I'll be back again today for more. Thank you sir, may I have another

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