Not sure if this is the right place for this and if not please do move.

I'm a professional painter and illustrator and have also been teaching representational figurative and portrait painting as well as other topics for the past five years. A job came up for a part time Fine Art lecturer at the college where i studied my foundation and i was really keen to go for it. Did so, said you could be unqualified at a slightly lower rate than if you had to PGCE(post graduate teaching certificate). Unfortunately no joy!!! So i decided to take my education further to improve my chances. I've currently got a BA(hons) in Illustration and am unsure as to whether or not to go for an MA in Painting in London or a PGCE.

To teach in colleges and universities you do not need a PGCE and im not sure which one would be more advantageous. Any body been through this and come out the other end?