When i saw the theme of bring something to life I thought about how nice it would be to bring someone back to life.So I started thinking about making a person age.I grabbed alot of references and photos and pick up on characteristics that change as we grow older.

From Here I wondered How I would make this happen.I thought about the possibility of a time machine and bringing and animation into play.The character would transition from ashes to skeleton to an old man and so on.

The down side of this is that It would be difficult to show this in one image.From there I thought of some type of cloning machine that operates much like a toy making device.It would use the ashes and DNA to reproduce the person at a selected time period.

Going with this I looked into how to make the machine believable.Reference Conveyor belts,blast furnaces,Hyperbaric chambers.The following images show my progress so far.

Environment with face possibilities