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Thread: C.O.W. #150 Lich Dragon Boss Monster -- Posting WIPs thread

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    There is so much killer artwork on here it's ridiculous!
    Guess you can't go wrong with undead dragons!

    Wish I could comment on everyone's but I simply do not have the time!

    Great to see you on here again VegasMike, I follow your stuff on deviant art and I must say it's very inspirational and your dragon is wicked cool!

    Here is my dragon, so far it's only still in the rough sketch stage, but I have a free night as soon as I get off work tonight, so I plan on grinding it out tonight, and hopefully will have something worth posting in finals by tomorrow morning!

    Awesome round!
    Keep it up!!
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    I'm glad I got to finish my drawing this round(I don't participate as much as I'd like). Some really great pieces! This is a first for me, I've never posted wips, sorry if they do not seem clear.
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    I'm new to COW and this is my first attempt. I don't think I'll be able to submit to polls because I don't think I'll get it done before it closes.

    C.O.W. #150 Lich Dragon Boss Monster -- Posting WIPs thread

    Did this pretty quickly hoping to get it done in time.
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    Arbinn, I really digg the pose of your dragon! Hoping to see it finished even if you can't make it to the poll.

    I got a comment from someone who said my dragon reminded them of some dragon from World of Warcraft (Sindragosa?)... so my friend decided to make some improvements to the final picture. Maybe I should submit this one to the poll instead. :D

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    Thanks. It's ready now. I think it's fine though there might be too many light sources and bottom half of the dragon could have used some more work.

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