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    Newborn - In a Gadda da Vida


    Time is running low. But I think, if I want to get some criticism, I have to upload my WiP. For there is still much to do. Background, lighting, shadows, colours, rain and waterdrops and finetuning are still waiting for me.

    My idea is not the most original one at the first glance, but I think, my interpretation might be a bit different to other illustrations of this scene of Genesis.

    Inspired by the music-clip "Selig - Wenn ich wollte" I decided to show Eve in a bit other way than being sinful. Enjoying the rain and fall in paradise, the new freedom. A bit more sensual than those religious illustrations

    I like the ambivalence of it. On the on hand Eve as the first man on earth (together with Adam; though most people don't know about the first story of Genesis, in which both have been created at the same time, not Adam first, Eve afterwards). On the other the beginning of civilization, humanity by her sinfall.

    And I was upset of the common mistake of many illustrations of this scene, in which there is already a snake without legs, though Eve has not taken a bite of the apple. But the snake has been punished afterwards, as far as I know.
    According to the apple it is the most powerful cross-cultural symbol I know about. Genesis, symbol of emperors (in Germany we called it "Reichsapfel"), in many mythologies, symbol for food, in literature (Illuminatus! Trilogy - The Golden Apple, different fairytales and so on), even on computers (though I use others ).

    The snake in red shall associate the devil, of course.

    The background will be paradise in fall. By eating the apple the paradise also loses its immortality. Falling leaves, rain, stormy weather and so on. I hope I will manage this till the end of this month

    It's a pity, that the illustration is that small herein. The actual size is about 24 inches x 32 inches at 150dpi.

    Hope you like it! Any C&C very welcome ^^

    Some corrections done, some steps closer to the end. Thanks for your comment, Seaport

    Newborn - In a Gadda da Vida

    And for every illustration of mine requires a certain song (though the inspiration - as seen above - came to my mind by another song), this one is dedicated to "Iron Butterfly - In a gadda da vida (In the Garden of Eden)".

    And for the darker beings among us, Blind Guardian and Slayer covered this song also
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    Looking good, I know its a work in progress so you might be aiming to fix these already but there's a couple of things that stood out for me. The lack of shadow cast from the snake on to the character makes it look a bit flat especially around the tail area. The other thing is the the underside of the nose seems a bit flat, normally you would expect the columella (bit between the nostrils) to be a bit lower than the nostrils
    hope this helps and looking forward to seeing it progress

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    DeadInTheAttic Guest

    That's it for today

    Phew! I hope, till the end of this week it will be done.

    Newborn - In a Gadda da Vida

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    looks good, but i have a slight critique

    the snakes body is wrapped around the wrist of the hand holding the apple, but the inside of hte wrist seems to overlap teh snake a bit much....

    or perhaps the snakes body on the side of hte wrist is slightly inflated in which case it is making the writs look weird.

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    I also liked the blue in the first one on her body. I realize you probably did a hue adjustment of some kind, but, that blue I think really adds something to the narrative of the story...

    anyway, good luck

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    looking good.
    Don't want to write critic double, most was pointed out already.

    One thing that is bugging me is that the apple is very small, it is almost the size of a ping pong ball.

    cheers and good luck for the contest
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    DeadInTheAttic Guest

    Thanks so far

    The apple should be worth eaten now ^^.
    The wrist is corrected (as far as I can see), the colourtune is still waiting for the end to come. 'cause I will add drops and rain, perhaps it will become desaturated bluish, greyish.

    This is just a crop of the whole picture.

    Thanks for your critics and comments so far.

    Newborn - In a Gadda da Vida

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    New mood on a classic subject -- I love it. The hand and apple are rendering up great. The face isn't to their level yet, especially around the nose, and the ears feel a bit small and high. Do you have great reference for the hand and mediocre reference for the face? It may be worth your while to create/procure some better face reference, even if you're taking the angle and expression from the first, and the modeling and lighting (and nose) from the second.

    The background kinda does nothing for me. If it's Eden, it's got to be incredible and lush, I think, it can't be just generic greenery. But I kinda liked the modern magazine shoot feel of just the blue blur behind her. Maybe it doesn't HAVE to be eden?

    Again, that hand is REALLY lovely.

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    Up next the face

    After those comments I obviously had to tune the face next
    Thanks for your comments.

    OK, it's not finished, finetuning at the end (especially the colours). But now I will aim for a more unique background. Though it will be difficult, for I want to show an apple tree on top of the canvas. And the background should not distract. Perhaps I might add a waterfall, a sea or something like that, blurish of course for achieving some depth and less distraction.

    The former idea was horizontal, more background, but due to the restrictions of the final image and the standard format for posters I decided to pick a vertical format. The idea was a skyline of mountains (walls of Eden), waterfall becoming icy, leaves becoming golden and falling, fleeing deer and so on (does anybody know the movie "Legend" with Tom Cruise?).

    Well! Enough words, here is the pic

    Newborn - In a Gadda da Vida

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    A few days to go

    I had no time during the last weekend. But I think, I will manage at least to finish this one.

    The most important things are now to be seen herein.

    Newborn - In a Gadda da Vida

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    DeadInTheAttic Guest

    My final pic

    Though I dislike the change in colours from monitor to monitor.

    But time to go to sleep now

    Newborn - In a Gadda da Vida

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