I'm just wondering do most of you consider yourselves as being part of some sort of social clique, at least those of you young enough to be part of a social group. Do you think that artists become sort of exempt from standard social interaction simply because we are "artists" or do you experience life the same as everyone else, with a few slight differences. As an artists do you run into many "art experts" who seem to know a lot of BS?

These questions come up after I saw some hipsters, or hippies w/e their called having an "art party" in the NYC....where the most part they new pretty much nothing. I've been researching the phenomenon that is these hipsters and its quite interesting, its a consumer based counterculture created by the very people they say they are against.....its a little strange.

As a matter fact, do you find yourself as an artist. Sometimes feeling like a cop out because your ideas may not be original, or feel that you are doing things just to be different?

I'm terrible at organizing thoughts, so please bare with me.