OK!We are trying to make the best to express what we wanted here. For now i don't have something to upload and show because some scanner and transportation problems

Here is the starting conceptual idea:

- Forced to do a newborn

The future is always presented as a technologic total domination. We all know what is waiting us in the near future, each day we have more and more dependency of what electric energy, and computer evolution, give us.

What's waiting for us when those machines becomes the new way to control and administrate the world?

Against the common idea of machines taking life and some kind of revenge of humanity, we saw it as the new tool of politics and wars...

Imagine that our governors and economic powers use armies of cold robots to try to dominate, not destroy, their enemies.

Is not very hard to dominate a country, just spread a lot of small and multifuctional robot worms. They only need the vital energy of their victims, the rest is replaced by more worms... head, arms, legs, being controled by those mechanical worms

... is not a fiction story, today we have implants to replace those body parts and they are controled with remotecotrol or the pulse and nerves of the body... take control of that remotecontrol and you becomes the master of that person, wanted or not by the victim.

this is the starting idea, represent a war to take control of the oponent, forcing him to a NEWBORN... want it or not... and who knows... maybe this is not just the new idea of life, is an economic interesting master plan...