Hi there,

Even though I'm a newcomer here, when I saw this contest my brain started to go into maximum overdrive.
My idea was to show how worlds are born from an idea. There were many ideas I wanted to incorporate, but I soon found out that it was too much to put on one page. So I went with the idea of making a Tree of Life, or a Worldtree, which holds worlds, and which are born from the mind.
Down here you see a few stages of the whole process, and I'm still far from finished. Some are made in Photoshop, others i sketched, but after sketching i found out that I couldnt incorporate them good, it was too off. So i decided to keep it in PS, but...I'm not very handy in Photoshop yet, so it was a lot of trial and error, but watching the tutorials from MassiveBlack really help. I finally feel that i found the way too put my ideas on one page, and make the composition reasonably OK to look at.
I hope you like it. Remarks or tips are always welcome.

Groetjes Rene