Goddess of the newborn age.
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    Goddess of the newborn age.

    Ive been working pretty hard on this- still a couple of bugs to work out in the building shes standing on and with some cleanup ill be pretty much done.

    This will the first painting i've ever really finished!

    Edit: I posted this lower, but i think I should explain myself better where people can see.

    Gods and goddesses are composed by the needs of the time. So i figure it might be interesting to take a crack at what might be a way to conceptualize our new collective values, so every element has a specific meaning that fits with that. I define "new" values as those created more recently in man's history. So this would be the newborn goddess of our age. War and sex, music and self induced disease, creativity and pain, love and hate are our challenges. We are kept in bondage by time, too much time, too little time, time for this or that. We feel connected to these things, but cannot see them for what they really are because we are too busy trying to place ourselves at the top of the world.

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