THis is the first thread i've made so i must admit i am slightly nervous. I very much want to get good advice and crit but it is a bit daunting! However i am very aware that i may get shot down


Tips on pencil technique

THis is a recent study i've done using a book called the 'Atlas of Foreshortening'. It is a practice but i was wondering if anyone had any tips on what i have done. Or any tips with technique. I am trying to work more wth pencils (I have tried a more digital approach but have found it harder to get a natural flow) so i am looking for advice on how to use pencils properly (lol) Is it better to define more muscles and detail with shading? Or is basic sketch ok for a study? I dont actually study drawing formally so i have never been taught basic figure drawing techniques. So any opinions are greatfully recieved.