Searledesign: thanks, man. Im glad it inspired you!
dTb: thanks, yea it was difficult doing it from imagination, it took a lot of time!
Bhrandon: and indeed i manage to do so....thanks, bro
NIRONERU: thanks
Bendragon: thanks
LillyCat: thanks, your entry is fabulous as well! I dunno about printing it on canvas, it would cost me a fortune for the actual pixel size.
luesang: thanks, i appreciate it, bro.
NIRONERU: thanks
R a n d i s: thanks, your pieces got some great chances, cross your fingers!!!
hueyyeng: thanks
Oni Rem: thanks
alesoun: yea...too bad they got compressed down a whole lot...
Rinthe: thank
calyx: thanks, bro. The oil effect was what i was going for. I'm glad you like it. Have i met or seen you around before? I'm glad to are painting traditionally more, it's the first step to everything.