Newborn: Birth of Adam (Finally Finished)
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Thread: Newborn: Birth of Adam (Finally Finished)

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    Newborn: Birth of Adam (Finally Finished)

    So pretty much, the Sumerians(the oldest civilization to date) has this tale of how an alien race known as the Anunaki(s) created man from genetically altering the embryo of a Homo-erectus and planting them in fourteen birth goddess after a ten month gestation period.

    I kind of wanted a more human appearance of the Anunaki people and not something out of this world because man was created in their image after all. So the scene here is where Inanna, goddess of love, fertility and war presents the the birth of Adam, the first human, to the committee.

    Final image will be posted here.

    UPDATE: 7/30/09

    Just got done today!!!

    Been slaying over this painting...18 hours a day literally with 5-6 hours of sleep for the last two weeks. I've never done anything this extensive and demanding before. Each of the smaller character took about 2 to 3 hours to render out, it was tiresome but fun at the same time and i learned so much about color while doing this piece! The original document that i worked on is pretty big, about some 10000 pixels by 4000 pixels, so i work pretty big. It's too bad the final submission have to be shrunk down to minimum 1000 pixels width. I'd wish i had more time because i found out about the contest two weeks ago.... The main complaint i have about this painting is that after i convert the RIFF file to photoshop, i lost most of my shiny textures, those were the highlight of the painting and no you can barely see them, probably only a little when zoomed in to a 100 percent...oh well...

    All done from imagination. Any likeness or similarities are probably going to be

    I used Corel Painter 11 with the artist oil bristle brush and some brush tweaking...

    Anyways, it was fun and i wish everyone the best of luck!
    Attached are some close ups and some process...

    Attached Images Attached Images                      
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