So I've asked on two different forums, teachers at my school, and no one can help me with this problem.

Photoshop has always been working fine, until I opened it up three hours ago. It colors darker than the real color. D:
Now don't say "silly n00b, your brush opacity must be off, or your on one of the darker settings" because as you can see by my link that they are not(and Im no noob; I've been working with photoshop for 6 years). Everything is on normal at 100% opacity and flow. I've never had this problem before, but then again I hold a record for breaking programs(lol

And why would it just suddenly do that by itself? I don't dare touch the color mode settings. x_x; All I did was open it, like I have been, and just started coloring.

So if any of you can help, that would be wonderful! :'D And thank you!!