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  • lkjhgfdsa

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    C.O.W.# 149 -- Just Chillin' -- FINALS!

    C.O.W. #149 Just Chillin' -- VOTING!!



    Topic: Just Chillin' !!

    Deadline for the voting: Thursday 30 July 2009

    Posting thread (closed):


    OK - before voting/posting read this!!!

    1. Please give c&c or a reason why you voted for the image!

    2. Feel free to comment on any or all entries, the artists will appreciate it!
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    Artist: Chuck,Mate.

    Concept: Frozenback
    This peculiar creature lives in the hottest places known to men. Under ground, inside volcanoes, where temperatures reach 3000 degrees Celsius, this animal roam and prosper. With rock hard skin and an inner cooling system it has no trouble grazing on minerals and phosphates near the earth`s core.
    its inner cooling system consists of a rare breathing membrane located under the diaphragm, turning the moisture in the air, no matter how low the level of it, into an ice cold fluid called "ozaftra" circulating its blood stream and gathered at the outer skeletal back plates. The more this creature inhales, the cooler it gets. The creature’s size is of the average house cat, and it hibernates 3 months out of the year, understandably in the cooler caverns 3.5 miles above its usual habitat.
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    Artist: A'mihisss

    Concept: Frozen Prayer

    An extraterrestrial insectoid living on an almost inhospitable planet, the temperature climbing to almost 300 Fahrenheit on a cool day. These large bugs, usually around twice the size of an average male human adult, feed on the mineral rich rock and occasionally each other. In staying cool in such an inhospitable environment, the beast has an ammonia compound for it's circulatory fluid, that is converted in the limbs, mandibles, antenna and "stinger" tip into a hardened secretion, which is almost constantly oozed from the leg joints to form ice where ever the creature is standing to prevent its feet from burning. It's burrows are always being constantly covered in the ice compound - in large sheets deep underground, so their usual habitat stays at a chilly 40 degrees.
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    Artist: Bluez3023

    Concept: Vapor Spire

    The Vapor Spire is located on a planet with extremely high temperatures and constant flow of magma on the surface. The vapor spire is known to climb to a high point and extend tentacles from it's back that absorb any moisture in the air, the water is then kept in an internal sack and slowly distributed through the body to keep the creature cool. During this time the Vapor Spire stays completely still and is often a target for larger predators.
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    Artist: s.a.r

    Concept: Cryogenicist

    The Cryogenicist is an extra-terrestial creature from a hot, extrasolar desert planet.
    It keeps itself cold by synthesizing liquid nitrogen by inhaling atmospheric gases and consuming chemicals in the soil a few feet below the surface of the ground. The horn is used for digging.
    Once the synthesis is complete, the Cryogenicist stores the liquid nitrogen in special containers around its head, as well as internally. (These containers consist of an organic material that doesn’t suffer any damage from the cold nitrogen.) The creature then lets the liquid nitrogen circulate throughout its body, and it can also use it as a weapon by spitting it; that’s why it stores some around its cheeks for quick access.
    Finally, the length of the creature’s neck, legs, back, and tail also helps dissipating heat.

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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: ammonite Aplacophoraish
    A deepsea mollusc relative that needs superheated water to balance its internal cooling system- one that has adapted to high pressure and extreme heat. It also needs the sulphur rich water to offset the often poisonous internal systems of its crustacean prey.
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    Artist: tandy1000

    Concept: Anaye

    A creature born out of the Native-American horror stories of old. The lump on its back is a cluster of concentrated fat minimizing the heat trapped throughout its entire body, when it is metabolized it acts as a source of energy. It is able to withstand changes in body temperature and water content that would kill any other animal. Its fur coat reflects sunlight, and also insulates it from the intense heat radiated from desert sand.
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    Artist: sepu

    Concept: core stabilizers

    As we can see it everywhere on the surface of the Earth, many times organisms living here have great impact on conditions of their environment. Same thing happens deep inside, near to the core of our planet.
    Species living in this very unwelcoming place are responsible for keeping core in stable temperature which of course in result regulate spin of the planet, and beat of life here.

    Strange and incredible chemical reactions are happening inside this life form. Breaking chemical bonds it creates new substances that in form of freezing crystals are distributed carefully in magma currents. Sometimes a reproducing crystal is created and left to grow for thousands of years. Given the number of this organism - everyday many millions of ancient newborns are breaking from crystal form and beginning hot life of Core Stabilizers.

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    Artist: Alexjholt

    Concept: Five Moon Beetle
    This beetle lives in the deepest deserts to the point where it is not far off the largest creature that could conceivably survive out there. The beetle has various chemicals in its body, which when mixed together cause a powerful endothermic reaction, cooling the beetle. The glands that remain shut most of the time, closed through a valve system. When the beetle's body temperature rises over a certain point, the heat causes these 'valves' to expand enough to let some of the chemicals out, mixing them together and causing the refridgerating effect. This mechanism prevents the beetles from wasting any of their precious chemical reserves when not necessary, such as at night.

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    Artist: Zilrion

    Concept: Frostshell Colossus
    These giant beasts can be found deep within the largest deserts. While feared by any other creature capable of living in the same area, they are also the reason other creatures can survive. Using their gigantic claws, they dig themselves underground finding subsurface lakes. They will then proceed to fill up their shell and freeze the water, while doing this crystal-like spires are formed on its back. The Frostshell Colossus then returns to the surface, where it creates a pond by smelting the ice crystals while hiding halfway underground. When other thirsty wildlife appears to drink some of the precious water, the Frostshell Colossus strikes, often killing multiple preys at a time.
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    Artist: Control01
    Concept: Apolus Magni
    The Apolus Magni is a type of insect, he lives in volcanoes.
    When his horn turn to red because hi has thermostatics cells. He start to wave his wings to generate wind, this wind go across his cavities, cool down his blood.

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    Artist: Mr. P Show.

    Concept: Ice Dew

    This is the future. Global warming has taken hold and the weather has become irregular bringing drought where moisture exists only in the air. Some plants have adapted to the harsh weather as well as The Ice Dew. A creature born from the harsh weather where it's own internal body temperature can dip down to the cold -20 degrees. Condensation from its shell can serve as a source of water.

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    Artist: gunnarsson

    Concept: Hake

    A pest of the boarder guards and a constant threat to anyone travelling outside of the outer fences, the hakes became legal to shoot in 1996. Since then, they have dropped significantly in numbers and are now a rare sight.

    Although little is known about the anatomy of the hakes, we know that they use air to cool themselves down. To escape the heat of the sun the hake runs very fast with its mouth wide open, forcing air into a large system of organs throughout its body, that emerges through the belly as luminescent blue sacks.

    Before the hunting-law was voted through, the hakes were often seen running across the dead deserts at immence speeds. Not beeing able to stop for anything as long as the sun was shining, they often ran through fences and rammed the trucks and trains. As the sun went down they would gather to eat and rest, looking airily skinny with no air inflating their bodeys.

    At night they finally rest, apart from an occasional sprint caused by a searchlight.
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    Artist: nJoo

    Concept: Deflector

    From the sky it just looks like a big eye-blinding area of light, it's often the cause of what was once thought of as mysterious plane crashes. Deflector through time has evolved to survive in the harsh heat of its environment. It maintain a cool temperature by deflecting 90% of all of sunlight with its unique and extremely reflective shell. It is often found nearby area with water source, in which it stores water in various water pocket found at the underbelly of the creature's body. It acts as a source for further temperature cooling and effective against dryness and thrist.


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    Artist: darkly

    Concept: Fantail Dewback

    The Fantail Dewback is a prime example of how animals adapt to their environments. Living in the most inhospitable desert on Rius 7 these strange creatures have a variety of ways to stay cool in the furious heat and sand storm prevalent land. The most curious is that the Fantail Dewback only has sweat glads on very precise points of its back. When perspiring, the hair on its back guides and funnels it toward the mouth. Once the moister reaches the mouth it is then filtered, pumped and circulated through various very special cooling veins which cover the Fantail Dewback's body. The other more obvious way, is that the use their fanned tail to supply a nearly constant breeze to whatever part of their body that is hotter than they would prefer. They have also been known to be called The Shoveltooth as well do to the fact that they use their large teeth as digging instruments to expose Valerant root balls, a plant that grows mostly underground and are filled with nutrients and water.

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