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    Newborn contest: "Breathe"

    Thought I'd take a shot at the contest. Certainly some impressive company we're in!

    I thought I'd go for something dark and surreal, maybe even a little eerie. The moth seemed to be a great inspiration and evoked the kind of cocoon/birth metaphor I was after.

    Trying to keep my technique pretty loose here, keeping brush strokes, composition and mood at the forefront. I'd say it's about 90% complete, so crit and comments are most welcome as I put the finishing touches on.

    photoshop CS2

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    Great first post, welcome to CA! The colors and brush strokes are excellent! Just a few comments though, the ceiling (I'm assuming they are hanging upside down) is so flat and the lack of the floor below makes it look like the cocoons are on the floor and the camera is upside down, also since his arm is pointing toward the ceiling it kind of strengthens that impression for me. Maybe if his arms are pushing himself out of the cocoon it would make it look more like he was being born? Not really critiques on technique, but just how I'm reading it. Anyway, good stuff!

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    i like it, nice colors and perspective! I think it could look better if the character is not in exact frontal side view, some more perspective would do good here. Some more connection with the BG would be great, maybe some repeatable element on the character so it looks more connected with the cocoons in the BG, as it is now the character looks unique compare to the other objects.
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Ian - I think you have a good point. While I think the atmospheric perspective is working, I could do some more layering in the near background to give it some more depth.

    Randis - Great point on connecting the main figure with the background. I originally thought of putting a backlit silhouette of another figure in the nearest background cocoon. I think I'll revisit that.

    I really appreciate the comments. When I work on something for too long, it really helps to get some fresh eyes on it. Cheers!

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    I think I disagree with the previous post about adding more perspective. the way you have it now is very graphic and well designed. it looks more like a piece of art than alot of the shite coming out. adding perspective i fear will indeed integrate the character more into the background, therefore losing the graphic nature and appeal. it will end up looking like concept art, which is boring. this comp is limitless, you really should encourage yourself to push beyond the norm, with this composition you have started to do this.

    hope to see more, good luck bro

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    great use of colour, your main character looks very different from the rest of the cacoons though, & maybe you could have his hands pushing him out of the cacoon, rather than just straight which kinda gives the feeling that he may have always been like that, as opposed to him being born. just a suggestion, looking forward to seeing more

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    you should remove the logo on the head ,for me it looks like some company logo (at least a real one i know)
    and its connoted as "bees " stuff...

    maybe try to go for some flesh pipe that goes from back of the head to inside the cocoon
    and don't forget some slim coming out of the cocoon too...

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