My name is Kathryn Whiteford and I am available to create paintings, book covers/illustrations, rpg character portraits, sketches and visions of your imagination in several media and varying sizes to suit your needs. Most genres are acceptable but I have a definite preference toward fantasy and medieval inspired works.

Please note that I am a Christian and as such I must retain the right to refuse a commission if I think the subject matter is inappropriate. I will not draw demons/devils, gay/lesbian scenes, extreme violence or erotic scenes, witches or pagan symbolism. If you are uncertain as to whether your idea is within or without my boundaries simply ask and I will either accept or politely decline your commission. This is not about me judging your interests but simply advising you of the commissions I am likely to accept or refuse before you order.

You will receive the original artwork (where applicable) or high resolution digital file ready for you to print. Original artworks are shipped flat in a protective plastic covering along with a certificate of authenticity. Shipping and insurance fees vary but you will be advised of the total once I have your address. Please note I will not ship any artwork without insurance. You will also be provided with a tracking number to follow your artwork in the mail.

The following prices are estimates only, please send me an email with a full description of your artwork and I will give you a free and accurate quote.

Black & White Sketch Portraits - US$20
8 x 8 inch @ 300dpi.
A Portrait of you, your friend or your character in black & white.
Additional people US$10.00.

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Graphite Character Portraits - US$25.00
8 x 11.5 inch/A4 on acid free paper.
Graphite (full body) portrait of your original character.
Additional characters $US15.00 each.
Background US$10.00 - US$50.00.

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Digital Character Busts - US$30.00
8 x 10 inch @ 300dpi.
Digital bust portrait of your original character.
Additional characters $US15.00 each.
Backgrounds cost US$10.00 - US$50.00.

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Digital Character Portraits - US$50.00
8 x 10 inch @ 300dpi.
Digital (full body) portrait of your original character.
Additional characters $US25.00 each.
Backgrounds cost US$10.00 - US$80.00.

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Digital Fantasy Portraits - US$100.00+
8 x 10 inch @ 300dpi.
Digital fantasy portrait of you, your friend, etc.
Additional people $US50.00 each.
Background cost included.

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Digital Pet Portraits - US$120.00+
8 x 10 inch @ 300dpi.
Digital portrait of your special companion.
Additional pets $US60.00 each.
Background cost included.

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Payment must be made through in US funds. Once I agree to take your commission 50% of the artwork cost must be cleared before I start your artwork. I will send you sketches and progress images (if you desire) as I work. Once I complete the artwork to your satisfaction the remaining 50% plus any shipping and insurance fees must be paid before I ship/email your finished artwork.

Artworks vary depending on the size, medium, level of detail required and my schedule. Generally artworks will be completed within 1-4 weeks, but if there is a specific deadline please let me know as soon as possible. There may be an additional fee if the deadline is very short.

Simply email me and describe your artwork in as much detail as possible. You may provide urls to reference pictures but do not send images directly to me in the first email.

email: kwhiteford AT honeydragon DOT net

I retain the rights to all of my artwork without exception. You are not allowed to sell, copy or redistribute the artwork in any form.

Please Note!
The information and prices listed above are for private commissions only - not commercial artworks. I am available for commercial commissions such as book covers and illustrations, magazine art and covers, logos and more. Please email your query to: kwhiteford AT honeydragon DOT net .