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Thread: So, whats next?

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    So, whats next?

    Hey guys,

    So I've already got a degree in Graphic Design. Worked in the field for awhile and really began to realize how much of a true passion I have for the Game Art & Design field. I've always had a strong passion for it. Just wasn't much of a option were I live. I've been researching the schools, reading up on threads here. And I really just don't know what direction to take from here.

    I'm from Oklahoma and as we know there really isn't any schools here that offer anything remotely close to Game Art & Design, not even anatomy classes somewhere.

    My question is, what schools would you guys recommend for Game Art & Design? I've looked at Ringling, and Full Sail in Florida and a few others.

    Or would just studying in my own time a better option?

    Thanks guys,
    Greatly Appreciate it!

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    What kind of game art would you like to do?

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    Arg I'm in the same position as you. I'm graduating next year with a degree in GD, and I only just realized I don't want to do it for a living! Game design is where it's at.

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    I'm not a game design person myself but I go to ringling and the game art and design major (which will be entering its third year with the juniors) looks pretty great. Since it is so closely tied to the computer animation major there are very high standards and expectations and lots of hard work. If you want to see some more on what students are doing you can check out the game design club at the school most of the people in the club are in the game art and design major.

    Since full sail is in winter park it's not that far from me, and from what I've heard from people I would not recommend the school for anything except their sound program.

    You may also be interested in this which is essentially a free online prototype for a game design course. Signups to be in the class have closed but you can still follow along and whatnot.

    When Activision (I think) was giving their presentation here they mentioned the need for graphic designers for things such as menu design, which is so essential in games. So that may be a pretty viable option for you as well.

    So much of what you study depends on what you want to do. So you want to do the design, the art, the nitty gritty of making it all work, or the finer but essential details?

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    I looked into Ringling too, just the cost kind of caught me off guard there. But the work they put out is pretty amazing. And I've been trying to read up on reviews on Full Sail and I hear mixed reviews on it, I will say I have heart the sound program is good.

    To get down to details what I really enjoy doing is, Character, Creature, Environment Creation from concept to final piece. As well as a little bit of 3D side of things, rigging, animation and what not.

    Besides the design degree I also have a little experience in modeling which may help or not. The other day I found myself thumbing through what books I had, I realized I own a few books of Design, But more than 3/4th is mainly concept art, illustration, and anatomy books of that sort. Kind of put things more in perspective the more I thought about it.

    Has anyone heard much on GuildHall SMU?

    Thanks again guys!

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    At this point I can't address the worth of their program but Shawnee State University in Ohio has two different game majors. One is going at it from the programming aspect and is through the computer engineering department. The other is more from the art aspect and is through the art department. Last I knew the art concentration required a portfolio for admission.

    My son is going for game design degree through the computer department as his interest is more in the programming aspect of it.

    Thought I'd toss that out there. It's relatively inexpensive too.

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