Hey there!
In an effort to stretch my fingers out in every direction to find a job, I made an account here today, and thought I'd introduce myself, though I actually had an account here AGES ago, I couldn't think of my old name and in any case it's not like my artwork is anywhere near similar anymore. My name is Lauren, and I just graduated from Virginia Tech with a BFA in Studio Art in May. My concentration was in Creative Technologies (a fancy name for Multimedia). Specifically, my talents were honed in the 3D modeling area. Though now that I've graduated I'm trying to work on my roots, which were in digital painting, mostly because I don't have a computer that can render large scenes that I want to make. Though I've been known to mix the two together in matte paintings before. You can all look forward to seeing both from me ;] My portfolio website is located at http://www.laurens-canvas.com. But to save you all the effort, here are some samples.

Incidentally, can we post .movs here? If I can't I suppose I can just take single frames of my turntables, but it saves space if I'm not posting so many pictures on just one thing.