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    Newborn - Birth of a New Day

    So I'm new here and I've been contemplating posting some of my art. I figure this contest is a good place to start. I hope I do well.

    For now I'm uploading a step by step of my entry. I'll post a larger version of the finish later and maybe descriptions for the steps.

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    nice color pallet. Good to see a new comer like me! Keep it up

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    I like the colors you used. Especially the mood in th first color sketches.
    The outer areas are violett and the whole picture is warm. But in the later versions you lost that, her skin and the background look grey-dark and looses that warm feeling. And her shape gets lost too.

    The stars: Try on a different layer and paint over it. The actual number of stars is just way too high.

    I know that was a lot crit, but thats the best way to improve.
    Hope that helped.

    Btw.: Its better to arrange your pictures below and not besides each other ^^ Its easier to watch.
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    for me, this piece touches on newborness without fully committing. Pretty though.

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    To Vaejoun, Thank you for the crits. You're right. There are a lot of things that got lost as I went along. And the stars are really just too much. I need to learn to not get overexcited about painting one thing and overdo it. That's probably why I'm not really satisfied with it and I'll probably be doing another entry and posting wips here for critiques. (stages 7 and 6 are better than the last now that I look at it again)

    Yeah. lol I thought about that after I posted it. ^^; I'll have to make it vertical next time.

    Thanks again.

    To harris-ejaz, I'm a little bit confused as to what mean by "this piece touches on newborness without fully committing." Can you be more specific?

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    I have to agree..the colors here are very sexy! I however have to disagree with the newborn/fully commit comment...respectfully of course!

    Your take on this is new life, a new day... there is creation in every day. She even reminds me of mother nature, the female life-giving force. I think the majority of people here are getting trapped on the world "newborn" just seeing it as a child... when it has many meanings!

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    the background looks cool. The image seems cropped though..I would flip it vertically and paint the bottom portion, it would also get rid of all that negative space on the sides..

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