Ideas start from a seed, something you heard, dreamed, read or something that simply popped into your head. The idea is planted in your mind and you feed on it so that it will grow. Itís a symbiotic relationship. We need to feed the idea with research, written, visual, verbal or simply thought. The idea is cocooned in our imagination until it grows to maturity and appears in whatever form we choose to work in. Painting, sculpting, photography, inventions (mechanical, medical, etc.) the written word too in the form of a thesis, is a matured idea.

I would like to develop imagination and the workings of an idea into an image, it will need to be very symbolic but the eventual Ďbirthí of the idea could also be visualised as a very beautiful creature.

I havenít yet created a wip, as I am still working through the actual concept for the piece.
Dare I say, watch this space??