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    Witness! - my blog! [October 7th]

    Hey guys!
    My name is Sebastian. I'm 19 and from Germany. I'm new to this digital stuff, but I also figured that CA is a great community of wonderful artists.
    I've been drooling a lot over the pages of this site until I decided to join aswell.

    The truth is, that every university I applied to rejected me and instead of jumping off the bridge or running a knife into my chest I try to stick to drawing and painting and open this sketchbook here. Unfortunately the profs didn't tell anyone why they were rejected and I didn't even know why I'd faild the test, because they liked my portofolio...

    Long story short: PLEASE COMMENT and GIVE ME ADVICE!

    Here are some studies of Hogarth and Gordon for anatomy practice
    Attachment 715726
    Attachment 715727
    Attachment 715728
    Attachment 715729
    Attachment 715730
    Attachment 715732
    Attachment 715733
    Attachment 715734
    Attachment 715735

    I did this girl in the left corner and figured that I needed practice in hatching a face so a took some Silvestri comics and filled the double-page spread with some studies (he is the god of hatching )
    Attachment 715736
    Attachment 715737

    some crap from head
    Attachment 715738
    Attachment 715739

    my sister while reading or chatting =)
    Attachment 715741

    some studies from life
    Attachment 715744
    Attachment 715745

    and here some photo reffed nudes
    Attachment 715742
    Attachment 715743

    This is one of my first own pieces (two refs for the elephat used).
    The lighting is completly off and I figured I totally forgot the shadow... xD
    Attachment 715746

    I hope you have fun with this.
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    Im not really at a place to crit...BUT!! Great job man! Keep it up and runnin!

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    Gogogogogo!!! Use your time, study the hell out of everything. Do it all: photos, value studies, colors, from life, still lifes, gestures, drawing, anatomy, perspective, composition... bla bla bla

    Oh, and have you read this?

    I'm subscribing in anticipation!

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    nice work. You have great skill at rendering, but your faces seem to have a sameness about them.

    Maybe try working more expressiveness into them.

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    yeah.. i really enjoy your sketches/paintings. try to do more life studies and you will be unstoppable..keep on buddy

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    hey thanks for stopping by my book! i really like what i see here man, great studies! just keep posting here


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    spoonfruit - thanks
    tetro - thanks for subscribing and for your help with the prieview-pic I hope you survived the test today.
    chang - Thanks for the crit! =) I try to work on my expressions tomorrow. I have a great ref-book with many expressions that I should try to burn in my brain.
    killart - thank you so much!!! Yeah I really should make some figure drawings. I'm still looking for a course nearby. Thanks man, for stopping by.
    frank gressie - Wow, I'm honored thanks.

    I think I should note somewhere that I have a tablet since Febuary 7th and I know that I still have a lot to learn. But does someone has a useful link how I can get used to painter?? Because I love the painterly feel I see everywhere, but I don't know how to use it...
    I also got the testversion of SAI which a friend said would be similar to painter but easier to handle, but it ran out. And unfortunately I wasn't able to order it. (is it only for the US??)

    So, here are some pencils I did in the last 24 h... (sorry the photos are really crappy, but my sketchbook is too large for my scanner )

    a few hogarth studies
    Attachment 716643
    Attachment 716646

    once again I stalked my sister while she was reading on the terrace
    (the one at the bottom doesn't really look like her)
    Attachment 716639

    and I also deformed my mother's face while she was watching tv
    the left one is horrible! aahhhh!!!
    Attachment 716647

    two older dell'otto studies
    I love his figures and his use of colors. Everything he does looks epic.
    I hope to absorb all of it!
    Attachment 716649 Attachment 716652

    and finally a stilllife
    This time I used a black shiney fabric. I was way faster than in the other two previous ones.
    Attachment 716653

    I hope to do some landscapes and full character design, too. Well, soon.
    I'm really tired now. I think I'm doodling myself to sleep.

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    I'd say that there is some really useful information in the tutorial forums concerning photoshop, painter, and a lot of other formats for digital works. Also, if you go into some of the forums such as EOW and CHOW and COW, a couple of them have stickie threads concerning the WIP process that some of the artists went through when coming up with their pieces, and I have learned a great deal from those... and wasted hours staring jealously, lol. =)

    great sketchbook so far, I'm going to have to mark it so I can give it the time that it deserves (aka so that I can look through it when I'm not at work like I am now )

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    Wow...fantastic start. The image of your mother on the right is beautiful. Re: software, I use GIMP and I love's free (though it does take some getting used to). In the last still life, your strokes are looking more confident and less choppy that in the previous two...perhaps use a touch less of the texture brush, though, and see how far you can push things with a hard brush. Great work! Really looking forward to future updates.

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    AmbientSounds - thanks for the hints man. also thank you for taking your time and looking at my humble stuff.
    courtyard - aww... thank youuu! yeah, that was a texture overkill but I was at full throttle and couldn't stop. It was the frist time for me using a texture brush. ^^ And I just downloaded GIMP and will try that one tomorrow. Thanks again!

    First of all I'm really sorry but I didn't get anything done today (no pencils at all). D:
    But there was a good reason, because I won an award today.
    I totally forgot, that I entered the contest. Our art teacher made the Scharfenberger contest our last project at upper school. The topic was "Räume" (rooms).
    And this is what I came up with. Well, this was my first digital painting. We could choose every media and I want to try something digital, because my good grades were safe. I wanted to risk it and try something new. My tablet arrived one week before the deadline and I had technical difficulties and other work to do for school. So I did make it, but wasn't really satisfied. Well, you will sure see why... O:
    I never thought of winning this contest. And with the first price!? I even earned 150 € and was interviewed from the local newspaper. This is so unreal.

    Today was such a great day and I'm not suicidal anymore. :'D

    So here comes the "wonderpiece":
    Attachment 717715

    The picture how it should've looked sticks still in my head and maybe one day I can paint it that way. Just study study study.... (at least the technical difficulties disappeared )

    Here a photostudy... I wanted to practice gold (to paint later golden armors and stuff).
    Attachment 717722

    And a stilllife from this early morning.
    It's a brass ballerina from my gran. The red table was really annoying. ^^
    Attachment 717723

    I hope tomorrow I get more done... :/

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    Wow, nice beginning ! You're pencil stuff is really good ! On the first studies, the arms are looking a bit tiny compared to the rest of the body ! Also on your digital painting, the proportions and colors are wonderful, but the only thing is edges ! Your hard edges are good, but your soft edges aren't soft enough ( but it's better on the last digital painting, with the green drapery ) ! Take care

    contact: at

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    diggin' ´the still lifes maaaaaaaan ! keep on working !
    That dedication is pure gold ! MORE : D

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    Yup yup, survived my first two exams War sogar unter den besten in der Physioklausur \/

    Congratulations on winning! But don't start slacking, I'm gonna check in here regularly and kick your butt, if you don't update. I want to see new stuff daily!!! >:] Muahah!!!

    Oh, and some of the anatomy drawings seem a little bit too wide to me, but maybe thats just me... Do something non metallic, not shiney for your next still life maybe, to study different materials.

    Wheee, and I got my RAM expanded today. I'm off to Photoshop... Gogogo!!!

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    Walid D - Thanks! Yeah, I got some serious anatomy problems... but that's why I'm doing this.^^ And I try to get better at edges too, thanks.
    Snobby - Thanks!
    Tetro - Wow, that's so coool!! Ahhh, I know, I need to do MOAR!!! O: You are right with the anatomy problems... I don't know what I do but somehow I fail on the size of the chest every time!!! D:

    SO here we go!
    I've got my driver's license yesterday!!! (Yeah, I know it's late with 19 ^^)
    I'm driving around a lot now but I know I have to do studies to improve! D:
    And I had an internship interview today which went pretty well. They really liked my stuff. On monday they call me if I made it! :/

    I didn't get anything done these days... D: I hope it gets better tomorrow!

    Beware. Very bad photos it provokes eye cancer! (They are really horrible, maybe I re-upload them...)

    Here some quick expression studies. D:
    Attachment 720443
    Attachment 720444

    Two portraits of my father. Ahhh, he almost looks like him. I need to focus...
    Attachment 720440

    I just found posemaniacs and this site is just great. Now I realize even more my faults... D: But great site to practice different angles.
    Attachment 720445
    Attachment 720447

    Here's some older stuff. D: I'd borrowed the bust my uncle did for his journeywork for practice. I wouldn't do it like this again, I guess...
    Attachment 720451 Attachment 720450

    And here's a quick ballerina again in daylight. ^^
    Attachment 720452

    I will do more in the future. *blushes*
    And I tried GIMP, but I need some time to get into it because I have all the short cuts in PS and they don't work in GIMP. D:

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    sweet, looking good, esp those still lifes. Great dedication, practise shows of. Keep up the studies, you'll probably get accepted for that school next time. Here in Swedenthey usually want people who are a little bit older, say 20-21 and up. So you'll have a lot of time this year and next, you'll suprise them wigh your developement.
    I'm looking forward to see it.
    BLOGGER - Actually updated once in a while.

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