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    Newborn: Rebirth

    Heyas, heard about the contest, and got a bit interested. So here's some rough ideas to start off. I'd be glad to hear your opinions.

    The first idea was about taking the concept of been given life, in reverse. Being reborn after death, and rejoining old friends. The fountain is a symbol of the flow of life, but also takes the symbol of sadness as it falls down to be turned into rain, falling on the woman below. At this point I wasn't sure how to handle her death, but I got an idea a bit later (last thumbnail)

    The second I figured I'd try some idea involving a baby (the anatomy might be a bit off, I'll probably look up a reference or two should I finish it). While being creative and open about the subject matter, I feel that the concept must convey the subject matter we've been given. If an audience wouldn't guess that "Newborn, given life, brought to existance" was the leading key words for the artwork, then it ain't good enough.

    For this one I was thinking about making the baby itself greyscale, while everything else will be in color. To sort of tell the story of how the human starts off as a blank slate, and how we gain color and character as we make choices and events reaches us, leaving marks that shapes us to the people we are.

    I think for the third I went a bit too far away from the initial concept, but hey, one must try fresh ideas to get that really cool concept. Of course, this is about a birth in an unusual way. The wickedness, and how sometimes we turn into something unexpected, ugly.

    I kinda like the first idea I had, so I revisited it with some ideas I had for the second thumbnail, but that I couldn't include properly. Here I managed to flesh out the story behind the deceased woman a bit, as well as emphasizing the "Newborn" keyword a bit. I also removed the surrounding people, and added babies that were floating away with a sort of life stream, to clarify just what the upper part is about.

    That's what I have for now, I'd be happy to hear what you have to say, I'm especially keen on composition, it's something I have a great deal to learn about, so anything that might improve that would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to contest adventure.

    I don't get the third idea? What happened? Rape and murder?

    I think I like the dying and being reborn to meet old friends better than being reborn to be blank again.

    I like the second idea a lot on its own. I like the roots branching out of him. Maybe each could lead to a different world, so it's clear it's about his choices shaping the reality he will live in? I think the baby should be either sitting or starting to crawl, that pose is awkward.

    Sorry I can't help with composition or other technical aspects. Good luck!

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    Yeah, it' was a weird idea, I probably won't expand on it, too unclear. What I had in mind was the birth of a persona, in this case a rather wicked one. I personally just have a slight fascination of murderers and serial killers, especially what's going on in the heads of theirs.

    And rape? God no, I wouldn't go that far.

    Dunno what branches you're refering to, but those are just some crudely drawn roadways leaving away from him, which is to illustrate choices and how those make us walk different roads. The roots in the foreground are to represent the various hues of a persona that slowly but steadily work themselves towards him. But I do like your idea about worlds representing realites, perhaps having planets hang from the big branches of the tree? And somehow have the baby interact with them.

    And yeah, I'll probably make him sit in a more symmetrical way, might get a better balance in the composition then.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    It's good that all your ideas are not typical, it'll be interesting to see the one you go with.

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