Sketchbook: Kjesta's Excellent Art & Animation Adventures
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Thread: Kjesta's Excellent Art & Animation Adventures

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    Now you mention it, yep, those chins are definitely off-center! I can't believe I didn't do a line for the center *sigh* The lips or chin curve aren't in there because I copied them from Burne Hogarth - I've got trouble with heads so I'm working with his book on portraits now, and these are the first illustrations, with the very basic shapes of the head, just the skull and brow ridge (?) and nose. I'll be moving on though

    I'll keep the animals coming Drawing her yesterday made me realize that Sally is actually old and I might not have so much time left to draw her anymore, so I'll draw her a lot in future. We've also got a horse - well, soon as the weather starts getting nice again, I'll get some sketches done too.

    And one day, I'll actually do something with all these sketches XD

    edit: OMG I've got a secind page! Whooot! *gives out champagne*

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