The birth of the universe

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    The birth of the universe

    well I saw this and I thought that I should give it a shot, I REALLY want an intuos4, and I love art and hence the imaginefx mags (though I only bought one xD, but I do have the fantasy art exhibition vol. 2 and I would really love to receive volume 1 if I won).

    I sat down and read my emails, I received word of the competition and decided I would try my very best to win it. so I started thinking about what my entry would be, the image of a giant turtle with 4 elephants on it's back holding the world on their shoulders plagued my mind (paul kidby ftw), and I wanted to do something to do with space and physics (just done about hertzsprung russell diagrams and the lifecycle of a star) and about art/painting containing something godly/some godly aura, so I sat down and did a preliminary sketch and this popped out:

    It is heavily influenced by my personal interests and done in about 20mins I think... I was distracted a lot. I wish the deadline was a bit further away, I still have some schoolwork to do and a couple of school trips :/ And I want to spend a very long time on this.

    I was pondering about the incorporation of birth into this piece and decided that it should have a lot of the "windows" or magnifying glass things focussed on different creatures and eggs, with further magnification circlets that zoom into the atomic level. plus a few more creational tools/toolboxes for example "iron mantle" tub, "nebulaic gas/dust spray"... the Higgs boson? ...and also asteroid sprinkler and orbit editor. also their should be a book on the biology/chemistry of one of the creatures and I can use my biology/chemistry knowledge to fill some of the page and leave the rest blank with the pencil/pen floating nearby.

    I will probably start on it digitally on monday/tuesday... argh wasting precious days.

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    developing some ideas, though my paint tool sai trial has ran out

    I think I'm going to further zoom out so that you can see the corners of the room and add a lot more detail... after I play some games

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    figure out perspective and then stick to the drawing system. As it is now every object seems to be connected to multiple vanishing points. And as far as I can tell this is probably a one point perspective.

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    Firstly I figured out perspective about 5 or more years ago (one point, two point, three point, as well as orthorgraphic and other methods) secondly it's just a sketch which by definition "is a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not intended as a finished work" (i.e proper perspective is too technical for a picture to be classed as a sketch) all perspective was done by eye, and I think it's actually pretty good for saying (and you should also note that some surfaces are curved):

    ...ah, actually I see that I did not mention that it was a sketch, but by the quality of the piece makes it fairly obvious (to oneself at least).

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  6. the fact that it's a sketch doesn't mean that perspective doesn't matter , actually it does , cause the sketch will give you all the important informations for your final piece .
    Also I think you didn't really understand how perspective is working seeing your attached link with your vanishing lines , i mean the way you did it, it's wrong , you didn't care about horizon line and horizon's perpendicular lines while tracing you vanishing lines, so it cannot work properly.
    here you can see an example
    Also think about the composition , like it is actually, it look messy with no structure or any composition (yeah i know you want it messy but even in mess there is some composition and structure rules i guess, at least, the vanishing point is one of the rules you should really care about ) .

    Hope that helped a bit , good luck

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    Admittedly I didn't make the lines perpendicular to the horizon line because I thought that it would make the objects loose their dynamic-ness as I thought it would set them all to the same rotation, now I see I was wrong, so I suppose I should thank you. But still proper perspective is unimportant in a sketch, if you include any technical measurements or practices it becomes a drawing and not a sketch IMO.

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  8. Ok if you say so (-_-)'''

    But your persp is still completely, absolutely, wrong , don't want to sounds like a know-it-all but i really think you should review your persp basics from a book or internet , cause almost nothing is right in your persp , from the way to construct it first ...
    and i'm not talking about proper perspectives like with all measurement but a correct persp even sketchy , if it's wrong then there is no meaning having one a wrong persp is useless !

    Well just to say that you if you start with a good base , your draw , sketch or whatever would be even better , no doubt ^^

    Good luck for you next steps !!


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