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    Wink "Newborn" Battle Mode and other ideas

    Okay I'm new to this, but I thought there's a first for everything right?.. here are some of my ideas...

    Ok here we go! This is Zeta, one of 4 generals from another dimension.
    In the dimension he comes from technology is far beyond that of wich we know. Humans have evolved into almost complete mechanical beings with only the human brain remaining installed in the chest region of the body they choose to have.

    About Zeta: His face is actually a monitor on wich military personnel project 2 white eyes and a mouth that is only shown when they speak to non mechanical beings. The yellow spots on his body are censors, his eyes and ears to be exact, these give him a 360 degree field of vision.
    The body you see here is a result of 1 of the 4 general chips especially designed for each general. These chips allow them to enter a higher mode corresponding to the chip they use. Zeta's is called "Warrior Legacy".

    The body they use are designed for speed, they can easily run on all 4 (arms & Legs) like a large cat, while using their tale to keep balance in high speed.

    When on all 4 Zeta often uses his tale like a scorpion, the end blade is also a vertical scissor.

    I will add more character sketches and story lines from the Battle Mode universe soon.. Stay tuned!
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    Zeta is an evil character who loves to show his strenghts to anyone who stand in his way. He never shows mercy and is very loyal to his king this eventually made him the strongest highest ranked general in his king's army.

    His king sends him and the second in command general Exa, to many deferent dimension to collect powers for their own purposes, until they learn about a specific dimension in witch a person lives with the ability to generate an endless amount of energy from within his heart
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    would be cool if he could transform like super sayajin...
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