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    Brain food for brain reboot

    I hope its ok I'm posting so many questions here lately.....

    So, I find that once in a while my brain gets stuck and needs a reboot. I think the stickiness happens from too much pressure I put on myself or focusing too hard on something and its kind of like a tv that needs a kick or a reset button that needs to be pressed... okays.

    So, I tend to look for art that makes me feel better.... I usually look for something strange, out of the ordinary, or art that focuses on the opposite of what my intent was (not precision detail/aesthetic but emotion/expression of feeling). Which kind of makes my brain go "What's this?! - REBOOT"

    So I'm just curious what anyone else does. And if you do what I do - any webpage or artist you would recommend?


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    Go for a walk then look at badass art.

    The internet is alright but for a proper kick in the pants get thee to a gallery, life class or museum.

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    Thanks guys!

    "badass art" lol I like that!

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    Take a day off and spend it outside :\ I'm having major depressions during long projects that involve a lot of sitting on my butt with maya in front of me and at some point I just start to hate it so much
    also get some cool looking artbooks, kids books - I just love that feeling of a nice paper with great work on it.

    (and drinking. drinking is so necessary at times. I just love it :3)

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    Hey guys,

    I think I didn't really explain well so being misunderstood. I don't mean like when I can't draw anymore or have a bad day...

    I'm having a hard time explaining this... I'll try an analogy.. I may not make sense again.

    Say you are at the gym. And you've been working out your leg muscles & its all good. But at some point, you need to go do cardio or try the arms... because that's all your legs can take for today. But you still want to work out... That's what I'm trying to say.

    I focus a lot on: colour, the look (making sure it looks right), porportions, shadow etc etc. And its great, but sometimes I feel like I'm stuck on it..

    Going for a walk is okay, but my mind is still stuck on these things... maybe that is a good thing, I don't know...

    Sometimes I want to look at something totally opposite... just to unfocus or get ideas that are completely different from what I'm doing. I find once I do this I can easily go back to what I was working on again. I'm actually thinking of going to a contemporary art gallery to look at some line art or something like splatter on canvas... but what I'm really looking for is just something really really different... opposite.. new.. maybe to try and use it and incorporate it as well.

    @Insect666: Thanks so much for those links! They're awesome

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