fistly i would like to say hello to all the artists who have decided to take a gander at my Newborn WIP, and to say a preemptive thanks to those willing to give any Critiques to help me improve the Piece.

So this is my Entry i have been working pretty solid on for a while now.
But things keep bugging me about it, there seems to be very little or no depth, and there seems to be problems with focal points and areas in which to interest the viewer's eye.

i have an irking problem with the central figure, the anatomy of the shoulders and chest area seems slightly off, and the mass of the figure does not seem to "move in a way that seems "right".

i may have re-shuffle the composition in order to get something better but i wanted to get the opinion of you fine folks at CA first just to see what others think what could be done.

But enough of my Rambling, please----what do YOU think?

From Start 'til Now:
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